(CANCELLED) Do-Dah Parade Info and Roll Call: August 15th, 2020.


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Description: Do-Dah Parade started in 1984, when WKMI organizers designed the parade as a way for companies and organizations to provide unique entertainment through a parody. It was patterned after the Pasadena, California Parade called Doo Dah. The purpose remains the same – use a parody to create a laughable and fun parade that will create conversation. Each year, participants are challenged to reinvigorate the meaning of “Do-Dah” (a parody based on a spoof or a satire of a person, place, event or thing). The parade has been part of the Kalamazoo landscape for 35 years. It's a tradition and it is the funniest parade.

Date: August 15th, 2020

Location: Traditional Parade Route Bronson Park Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Event Website: HERE

Personal Input: (Provided by Matthew Wells)

1. There's a lot in the way of food, including a number of microbreweries for those of age. There are also many nearby hotels, while I could possibly house a few, if we have greater numbers, they would need to get accommodations.

2. There's only one entry fee for the parade, 50$, but there hasn't been a limit on how many can fit in under that.

3. Banners would be helpful, we have a few signs for showing the cause, and I'm working on a nice one for the MMB, having some 405th ones there would be great as well.

4. Applications, I believe, start becoming available between February and April.
On the day of, we have to be on-site for staging before 10:00 am, preferably near 9:00 am

5. The idea behind the parade is to not only dress up but to represent a good cause doing so. We've been carrying the torch of Clean Water in Kalamazoo, since the organization we had been representing, the Kalamazoo River Cleanup Coalition, dissolved.

Final Thoughts: This is, in my opinion, a fantastic opportunity to not only represent the 405th with our friends and extended family but also make that representation be for a good cause. As Matthew has stated to me, the Michigan Misfits have been making their appearance in this parade for the last five years. As well as that, it is a great opportunity to get a taste of some parade action as we have seen done plenty of times at Dragon Con. I am happy to help represent this wonderful event and its cause alongside as many other willing members as we can muster.

Confirmed "Boots on Ground":

- NobleofDeath16
- ColFork85
- Sentri

Tentative Responses:

- JeffN02
- Satsugai
- MechByrd97
- ImmortalReaver
- Azimuth
- Spall
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As a member of the MMB, and one who has gone to this through the previous years, count me in. As for what cosplay I'll be in, currently unknown.


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So far things are still a GO, and while I(Matthew Wells) cannot personally force anyone to wear or not wear a mask, I would say it's recommended. We can only control what we ourselves do as far as masks/social distancing. And I'm still looking to do the Photo/video shoot after the parade, and then cookout after the shoot.


I’m looking for campsites not too far away so I dont have to rent an Air Bnb. My dad is letting me use the 11 man tent. It can house 4 adults and their gear rather comfortably. DragonDenCosplay will also be with me so we’ll have two spots open for whoever wants to join.

I’ll also be bringing my camera equipment for the Photoshoot afterwords.


405th Regiment Officer
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There has been a significant update to the Parade event, courtesy of ColFork85 . We are now required to wear mask or face coverings of some type, and the event structure has changed in addition to this.

Saturday, August 15
Lovell Street, from Jasper to Kalamazoo Mall (possibly Rose Street)
Parade viewing via walking and biking from 11 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
The D-Dah Parade is turned into a reverse parade, where the “parade viewers” move and the “units” are stationery.
-All people are asked to wear masks, it is now required in all public places due to the Governor’s Executive Orders.
-Lovell Street From Jasper to the Kalamazoo Mall will be blocked off to traffic.
-Parade units will be placed in the middle of the road for their displays. Each unit will be given a certain area to display their parade unit based on the number of people and the props/float/car selection. They can use floats, vehicles, props or displays to decorate their areas.
-Units will have from 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. to set up their displays – 10:30 the dedicated area will be cleaned up and ready for display.
The parade route will open up to pedestrian traffic at 10:45 a.m.
One side will be for parade (viewers) walkers and the other side for bikers
-Parade viewers will start the route at Lovell and Jasper Street. It is important to note that Lovell Street will be closed from Portage Jasper allowing parade viewers to “stack safely” to walk the parade route.
-The walking parade portion (the viewers) is encouraged by the family unit and people will be asked to “socially distant” “stack” in the road, just like you would if you were in a parade. Then with “1 car length” in between, people will walk by the parade units. When they are done with the parade (which will only be about 3 blocks at the most), they will be asked to use the sidewalk to return to their cars.
-Signage and parade monitors will help people understand the concept and the walking route.