Captain America H3 Marine

The Apropalypse

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Got the ab plate and elbows all sanded and coated in filler primer, going to set them aside in order to get the rest of the parts to the same quality. Began working on the shins. But they are proving to be a little tricky. Gonna get the shins to the painting stage next, then do the chest plate. Still not sure about the shield. I want it to be round like a captain america shield, i just dont know how im going to approach it.



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Was originally going to post as a response, but realized it would basically be a build post inside your thread, so moved it to it's own thread. I'm in the process of building Cap's shield for a Halo/Captain America crossover as well. You can find how I'm making my shield below:

Now on the sealing phase, but here's a pic from before sealing.
2020-06-01 13.44.25.jpg