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Hi everyone,
I'm new to the Forums but not the Halo Community. I've been around since the days of Halo 2 and was a big part of the Sangheili Clans that lived on until Halo: Reach. I am now looking to see if I can make Captain Cutters outfit for Cosplay and was hoping that others within the Community might have some insight on where I should look for the right components.
My current reference shots are the following: 1, 2, & 3.
Now I noticed in some renders of him he does not have the UNSC Logo on his shoulder but in others he does. Looking at the images I have come up with a list of different parts I need which is where I will be needing help.

  • UNSC Naval Cap (Very intricate details, will more than likely need to get it custom made.)
  • What looks like a M6C Personal Defense Weapon System (Halo 2 Pistol, if someone is making these as props and selling them please let me know!)
  • Spirit of Fire patch (Either 1 or 2 depending on which point of reference we're going with.)
  • Belt and Straps with Holster (Not sure where to look for this kind of belt, some guidance would be appreciated.)
  • One piece Naval uniform (I do not see a split between pants and top so I am assuming it is one piece. Again another piece I have no idea where to look for.)
  • Standard military boots (Least concerned about this part =) )
  • Leather patch (Right underneath Cutter there is a leather patch and I have no idea what it says. If anyone knows what it says please let me know!)
So this is all the information I have gathered, please let me know if I have missed something and/or where to find items on my checklist.
Cheers and thanks!
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Welcome to the 405th!
-An easy way to do the uniform (cloth) part would be to check military surplus stores for BDUs matching that layout. It looks similar to an Airforce coverall, though the zipper will be down the front. I'm not sure of your ability with sewing, but you could look at modifying an existing coverall to let the zipper run to the side. You could also look for a uniform top and bottom, then tuck in the top under the belt to hide it.
- As for the belt, that looks like a regular webbing belt (usually called a tactical belt). Just pickup some 2" nylon webbing, map out the lower part of the harness, and assemble it by either sewing or gluing it together.
- I would find or build the pistol, then make the holster. I think that thin EVA foam (3-5mm craft foam or "foamies") combined with thicker foam would do a pretty good job. Side note: The pistol shown on his leg is different from the one shown as a detail in reference image 3. It's possible that it's the same one with the handguard cut off. I would browse through the props section and see if others have built a pistol (usually from paper+resin or EVA foam) for build tips. Alternatively, you could check Etsy or the marketplace to buy one. It is quite large in reality and I think you might be able to take a Nerf gun and repaint it to get the desired effect (Nightfinder is a great choice).
- For the patch on the hat and arm, you might need to do some leg work in Photoshop to get both patches setup, but if you google around, there are a few companies that make custom patches for not stupid prices (10 to 15 per). The detailing on the hat may be tricky. Off hand, I would say craft stores, amazon, or other specialty stores for leaf designs that are either made from cloth or metal. You could then glue them on. For the base hat you'll need to do some searching. Remember that unless you truly want it to be exact, close enough is okay. If you get the gist of it, you should be fine.
- The patch seems to be a service number: xxxxx-xxxxx-AA (5 numbers, 5 numbers, 2 letters). You might need to check Halopedia for his.
- The details on the shoulder will like need to be thicker fabric topped with fake leather. I can't give anything but basic advice on this as sewing is not my strong point. Though there are some pretty savvy fabric people in here, you might want to check and some of the sewing sub-reddits.
Hope this helps.


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G'day, and welcome!

I'm making that uniform too. Here's what I got so far:

* UNSC Cap: I'm custom making it, with the UNSC badge made from EVA foam and painted. I'm planning the same with the details on the visor.
* M6C: Yeah might need to search the forums for someone who is making and selling.
*SoF Patch: I recreated the logo in Illustrator as the black and white version, and printed it on a shirt-print material (about 8-10cm looks good) where you can iron it on. Came out ok, but for the material I used under it, I'd have to glue it on. But once it's ironed, it changes the paper and feels rubbery.
*Belts, Straps, and holsters: I grabbed a webbing belt with holes from a disposal store. You should be able to find one easy or even on ebay. The bits and pieces on it however, either stick with the metal clips and stuff that come with it, or custom make them with EVA or Worbla. The straps are a combo for me. Either they're from old bags or a fabric store that sells them in reels. The holster you might be to get at a disposal store.
*One peice naval: Ebay might have those. Cause I prefer making the things, I had to resort to making seams and abandoning a onepeice.
*Boots: Disposal store or ebay. If you get a pair of SWATs, it might cost a bit, but they are going to last you a while.
*Leather patch: I had trouble with this too. It's either his UNSC ID number or the name of the ship.

Also, for the armour peices on top (if you're planning on making them) EVA is the way to go. The rank stripes on top look embroidered.

I hope this helps a bit man. If you have any more questions, just ask :)

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Thanks for all the details provided. I'm updating my notes for what to get and the biggest thing I'm worried about is what fabric to use. I was suggested to use thick pants fabric or canvas so far. What would you personally suggest?


Thanks for all the details provided. I'm updating my notes for what to get and the biggest thing I'm worried about is what fabric to use. I was suggested to use thick pants fabric or canvas so far. What would you personally suggest?
Personally I would go for cotton ripstop. It's what BDUs are usually made from, pretty durable yet fairly lightweight and cool.

Srax Zolak

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After watching the live action and seeing how that uniform reflected light it looked like a water resistant material. The texture was much smoother to the eye.
Cutter Reference 7.jpg