Soft Parts Captain Cutter - Halo Wars 2 (WIP)


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Since Halo Wars 2 is coming up, I figured I'd start making Captain Cutter's uniform.

The pants are almost finished, and I'm working on the jacket and Hat.

Completion should be around a month.

Cotton-Drill, Dark Green
Cotton-Drill, Olive
EVA Foam
Latex, Black

Purchased Items:
GP Boots
Webbing Belt, Black



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It's not often you see a non-armor Halo build. Looking good so far. Can't wait to see more!


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I totally love your uniforms and I'm always amazed by your skills... and I'm secretly hoping to see you do Lasky too.
With upcoming release of Halo Wars 2, you chose well. ;)


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Thank you! Appreciate it! Your Palmer is amazing!

and I am planning on Lasky! Maybe for Supanova Sydney next year.

Cant wait for HW2!


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Well maybe not ready for PAX sadly, but here are some more WIP shots.

- Got the rank stripes one, but still got the oak leafs to go.
- Still have to do shoulder and neck peices and add some dremel detailing
- Belt bits and peices need to be done
- Cap is getting there. Still need to sew the top and add the EVA UNSC emblem.

Progress so far.jpgWIP_Shots - Copy.jpg


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It's always interesting to see non spartan builds. It looks great, the level of detail in a "soft" costume is impressive.


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I love Captain Cutter's Uniform. So glad to see someone actually working on one! Halo Wars had such a nice aesthetic when it came to the uniforms and armor. Looks like you are practically finished, can't wait to see more photos!


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