Captain Thomas Lasky and Introduction


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Hey people! So i've been lurking around the site for a good 3 weeks now and just joined but I gotta say there are some really talented people here. The costumes i've seen are absolutely amazing and the amount of detail is phenomenal! I've always wanted to cosplay since I was about 12 when I got into Anime and even more so with video games and I have the perfect opportunity to do so. I'll be going to the Denver Comic-Con at the end of May so I wanted a simple yet really cool costume. The genres I thought of were Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, and Halo. Now ME I think is too complicated if i'm just starting so I crossed that off, then I went to Assassin's Creed. The weapons would, I think, be simple enough but the gear as a whole was going to be too expensive with all the leather and other pieces. Then I came to Halo. At first I was going to do an armor but I only have three months to make the costume which is NEARLY not enough time to make everything but then I thought why not doing a simple Halo character then it hit me. Why not Captain Lasky?

So I searched around for a bit on the net and 405th but sadly I couldn't find anyone who has started one so why not I be the first?

Now this is my first cosplay but it's rather simple judging by this pic of Tom:

He's uniform is pretty basic which is a pair of slacks, a belt+pouches, a gun+holster, a UNSC military shirt and a few armor peices. Now I have a pair of slacks that I think I can use with the costume that will resemble it closely and I could probably use foam reinforced with some other stuff that would make good armor the only thing that I think would be the problem is the UNSC military shirt.

As seen in cut scenes and Spartan Ops most crew officers have a sort of vest on with a glowing spine on the back as seen in this concept art of Lasky here:

So with that being said I would like some help or advice on what sort of things I could use to make the shirt. I would also love some reference pictures of Lasky or any other information you guys can give. All your help would be much appreciated, thanks!

P.S. I'll post pictures of the slacks when I get a chance it's almost 1:00 here.

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I found a craft foam tutorial video and guide to cheap armor making so I might use that. I also found some more pics of Lasky from Spartan Ops and Google.

Craft Foam Tutorial Video:
Armor Guide:

Lasky Pictures:,_2557.png
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this project looks quite awesome ! , i really like lasky's military uniform , though i just can't stop thinking of dead space with this glowing spine thing, but nevermind that , i'm gonna keep an eye on this !
good luck !


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So if I were you I'd make all of these parts out of foam tbh

I'd also suggest you to try it free-hand, this reference picture is just right to do so, I'd start by doing that left shoulder pad, not too much detail.
For the front or that security vest I'd cut out EVA foam and divide the parts where the horizontal lines are visible so it's not one fixed plate which might be uncomfortable when bowing down.
I think those grey shoulder pads could be done out of craft foam, cutting it to the right size and then laying it on your shoulder heating it up with a hairdryer should get you the right shape.
The spine might look difficult by now but there are 4 parts looking exactly the same so just draw one on graph paper and then transfer that on eva/craft foam.
Also remember: the armor doesn't have to be beautiful on the inside other's don't see when you're wearing it so you can mess around with hot glue/velcro etc.

Hop this helped you a little :)


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Looks like a fun little build. Good luck with it and im looking forward to see some pics.


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Haven't checked out this thread in awhile but I appreciate everyone's advice! I haven't started the set yet because it snowed about a foot here in Colorado when I was going to get the supplies but once it's a bit nicer I'll tackle this project. I have about 3 months do to it so I think I'll have enough time. As for the uniform i'm not sure how to go about the shirt, would a normal grey dress shirt work or something else? Also thanks again for all the tips and info, it should help me out a bunch!


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Just wondering if you were still working on this or if you finished, I am about to start a Lasky cosplay and it would be cool if I could see how yours came out or if I could help you with it.