card board BR-55

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Master Chief 13

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I made this card board BR out of cardboard and duct/electrical tape its got a cheap plastic dart gun inside it that fires suction cup bullets :D if anyone ticks me off on halloween SMAK!!! lol
that looks like a cat can use it lol

no offense looks good but needs to be way bigger

and trust me you wont get 10.000 for it on ebay.
old story
Don't be jerks guys, you couldn't do much better could you, at least this guy is trying, and is doing a good job of it, Keep up the good work Chief 13.
So chill with the bashing.
Hey cant go wrong with cardboard and duct tape, but I suggest instead of useing duct tape try gorilla tape! Its natural black and stickier then hell.
nice overall, especially the fact that it shoots sumthing lol. :D
dont see why peeps would bash it seeing as how its for halloween purposes. its not like ur taking it to DRAGONCON or anything.
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