Cardboard AR (MA5C) (UPDATE!!)

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This is my WIP AR. its pretty cool. i was playing with my litle cousin with it earlier and and i realized that its not very good fo CQC. the barel was banged around and the light effed up. but its still pretty cool so heres the pics!



-------- (UPDATE) ---------



i fixed it for you guys
Looks Really out of proportion, its nice, but it looks kinda funky.
Mines is not nearly as smooth, but it looks more even.

Not trying to be mean with those comments, but how come you made it like that?
hmmm..not to be a criticizer...

but the handle is a little messed up, same with the barrel.

when you come over 2 my house, we can work on it k?
the camera squished it ----><---- its actually not that bad. I know in the pic its all out of proportion. if it was like that in real life i'd burn it lol
I know but READ!!! i told you guys what happend and now i fixed it. plus have you ever held a game accurate AR? they hurt your wrist. this one was thrown together so i could play with my little cousins. age 5 and 6. the 6 year old could probbably beat all of you on halo 3. we looked for a co-op member on live for 4 hours and none could wipe out eliets and take out tanks like him. so well STFU!!! srry. but yeah it does suck. BUT the upside is that its water proof.
ya that gun looks great out of all the ones that i have made that tops mine by a mile if you dont like it then just keep trying but that gun is awwesome
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