Cardboard AR Template with sizes

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Whilst waiting for material for my helm, I decided to start on a Halo 1 AR
No real progress was made however as the super huge piece of strong, thick card I bought appears to be not huge enough :eek:
Anyway I'm posting up the template I made to help me create it, (I'll post the other view tomorrow)
I took the model from halo 1, split it up to the key pieces, (as i searched everywhere for this but ended up just making my own), then rendered it into photoshop and cleaned it up
It will create a 88cm long base rifle ready to be layered to hell :D
ps sorry for the messy numbers paint is still the best program for dealing with numbers but not circles or oragnisation
Sorry If its not clear (i'll fix it tomorrow if its a problem)
but at the bottom it says black text is for centimeters and blue for the size of the angle
all "external" numbers are lengths and "internal" angles apart from the stock with its awkward hole
i made a card board Ar its bad though. It didnt have any thought i just did it. Its under "I made an AR"
this is just a guide rite? not a real template? cuz im gonna need a protractor for this...damn it, all the other ones are like wierd and broken
Not open for further replies.