Cardboard CBQ WIP.

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Ok, so for the past week I've been ill, so I could not work on my bondo sculpt MJOLNIR helmet, so this morning I began working. This is what I have so far, this is a work in progress, I should have it done this week if I get more duct tape and quick grip. I am tinting a replacement Safety visor.




Now to show what I can compare it to.

The helmet is very roomy, so I plan on adding some foam inserts after I fiberglass the insides. its still a work in progress, I believe this project will be the first of its kind, wish me luck!!!

well if its like your daft punk helmet im sure it'll come out awesome and on a side note who does daft punk see through those helmets its been killing me
I didn't like the way it looked so I added two different cheek pieces, they look almost exactly the same as the CBQ.
I also added a brim to the helmet to make the visor extend outward more, I also added an inner brim to the back to complete the helmet. the helmet fits perfectly on my head, even though some foam pieces will stop it from moving, anyways here's the pics, Tell me what you think, what I can do to improve it!



I was thinking I should cover the thing in a light layer of bondo, detail it a bit, then add a layer of resin for strength, what do you guys think?
Also, the interior has gotten much better, its wide enough, but I think I need to make it shorter. How do you think I should do this?
Resin outside
Resin inside
Fiberglass cloth + resin inside
Bondo outside, but only where it nees to be sanded smooth or detailed.

Maybe replace some of the tape with glue...
heh heh... yeah, I covered nearly the entire thing with duct tape :/ but I plan on covering it with resin and such for strength, I just wish I could make it thinner, it fits my head perfectly :)
Wow. This thing will be AWESOME when it's done dude!
Now you've got to find a visor LOL.
Thanks, but After I make this and my mjolnir helmet I'll probably get started on a full suit of CBQ armor, what do you guys think?
Thanks, no update today I'm afraid :/ but I will have it done this week, I plan on it, I have the bolt thingys mounted though :)
Dang.... Quick update.
I got the basic layout done, most of the visible details are complete, the bolt things are there, but here's the thing, My mom bought the jelly resin, whats the difference between the two types?
nice work, but just for reference its CQB armor. stands for Close-Quarters Battle.

i would love to see this finished. i have a dream to eventually have my game room with a replica set of each armorstyle on display on mannequins, and nice plaques with the armor name and a short history/description.
pafford09 said:
well if its like your daft punk helmet im sure it'll come out awesome and on a side note who does daft punk see through those helmets its been killing me

that avatar isnt his daft punk helmet, its an actual daft punk picture. i dont think anyone else on this site aside from me has made either of the daft punk helmets.

daft punk has two versions of each helmet. the music video versions have the LEDs, and they cant see out of them. the concert versions do not have LEDs, and they can see out of those.
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UPDATE!: So, I'm bondoing the entire outside for detailing, then adding a layer of fiberglass resin to give it strength, so I got my camera out, and after I take the one pic in this update, IT DIES! I need to get new battery's.

Right after a layer of bondo was added, not sanded:

The only picture I have to offer at the moment, I'll take pics as soon as I'm done sanding the helmet :) Then I'll update with my details and resin, then the final product! :)

Wish me much luck!!!!

and as for the visor, I'm using a Safety visor I found in my basement, I'm going to cut it very carefully, then add my window tint. :D
this inspired me to make my own CQB helmet. :]

im letting the paper mache dry right now but when its done ill post pics.
sorry for the double post but i was wondering how your helmet was going....

also, ill have pics of mine up tomorow, when im done detailing the paint and putting in the visor.
A large update:
The bondo is smoothed, the Fiberglass is almost done(just need to glass the cheeks) and nearly all the details are worked out.

I plan on painting this bad@$$ Orange, since its one of my favorite colors, I will be done by tomorrow!

Sorry on the lack of pics, my camera has no batteries, I'll grab some tomorrow once I get paint and visor.

I will make sure this is the first ever made by scratch.
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