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Hey, mjolnir armor community I was wondering if using cardboard on the outside of a pep helm and other armor is common practice, or even a good Idea for creating depth and detail.

I am thinking of using it to raise some areas like the mohawk section on the top and front of the jaw on my helm. Then cutting into them for detail. After that I would Resin and glass over them.

It seems a cheep alternative to layers of fiberglass, oil based clay, or body filler.

I appreciate any replys or Ideas to use instead of cardboard.
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Yes, it is completely an option for detailing your pep work.

I personally use a type of cardboard called Chipboard. chipboard is your best bet if you're gonna go for cardboard.. all of the pros of corrugated cardboard, none of the cons :) (ie, you don't have to spend a large amount of time smoothing out the texture from the corrugated cardboard)

it is a little harder to cut and work with as far as shaping and bending. (though no more difficult than styrene or foamboard)

Dick Blick sells the stuff relatively cheap (like 1.50 for a 2mm thick sheet, and .50 for a 1mm thick sheet)

if you're just doing small details, go with the 1mm stuff, it's easier to cut and shape, and you won't really need it to stick out too much.
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