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Ares said:
Any patterns?

would these help?


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Yes. And Marines are a lot easier. So Marines it is. How am I going to make the green box thingy that they record info with? Also, how should I attatch pieces? Glue? Tape?

I was once going to do one from Tom Clanceys Ghost recon. I came up with the idea of bending a small strip of sheet metal and sticking a green LED through it.
What I thought of was a piece of green plastic from a toy, and letting it be just like that.
Lol...I live in rural PA. We 'rednecks' can think of something. Probally duct tape... it fixes EVERYTHING!
Rofl! Redneckville GA for me, so everything is duct taped somewhere...

I on the other hand love my super glue, ok back to topic.

You making normal marine helmet? Or HW helmet?
Card board goes together nicely with a hot glue gun. i had to do an art project last year that was entirely made out of cardboard and hot glue and it is awesome just do your best to make sure that you can't see too much of the glue. it will look alot better.

I personaly think you should tackle the Halo wars marine helmet.
Yeah thatd be cool
FYI Westerfield studios has produced a marine helmet and will be apparently processing orders soon.
Hot glue= not available. I'm using duct tape now. I will tackle the Wars helmet after a Halo 1 helmet is completed.
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