cardboard help

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do you mean what piece of the armor??

cuz ud first get together pics of the armor for reference, gather your cardboard and start building
First try reading this site.

The info you are asking someone to find for you is readily available here.

Do a search on 'Cardboard" in the Pepakura forum, and you'll come up with all kinds of useful advise to help get you started.

For practical reasons we can't really walk every person who joins this site though the construction of their armor. .

Do a little poking around. Your questions are already answered.
I can help you. I started out with the belt or crotch piece cause it's the easiest. Then I went on to the chestplate so I wasn't just walking around in a green diaper. Then the biceps and forearms then the legs. I did the feet before I finished the gloves. It's really easy to make things outta cardboard as long as you have enough boxes. I wouldn't recommend you make a spartan helmet out of cardboard, because it would probably be the hardest. I wish I could show you pics of the development of my armor, but all I have is the finished product. Enjoy!

I started with the lower legs & the handguards, then went to the crotchpiece. The helmet is gonna be a b*tch & a half if you don't glue on pepakura designs to the cardboard. The helmet is the hardest so after that's finished you should have it easier (unless you have more than 1 head).
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