Cardboard weaponry creation tutorial

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Please excuse the fact that I have no more cardboard and used paper for the demonstration.

First find some schematics to use, preferablly life sized, or scaled to the size you wish.
This is the size of MA5C assault rifle when scaled to MC, its the one I use, and I quite like how large it is.


Step two is to find two pieces of cardboard large enough to hold the entire schematic (Possible to do in pieces, just not as effective), and tack it down to the cardboard, which here is represented as paper.

Using a box cutter cut the basic design out, including any holes, this is what it would look like after using the BR55 schematics

Make sure to cut two of these.

Step three is deciding how thick you wish it to be. A general rule of thumb is to use two thumbs for depth, but whatever you wish. Simply find pieces of cardboard, and cut out level strips from them. Cut out enough so if you were to lay it out on the perimeter of the weapon, it goes all around the weapon.

Once you got enough strips use your hot glue gun and glue the strips sticking straight up from the first cardboard cut-out. Make sure its sticking straight up.
Then quickly glue the the section of the strip sticking up, which I am calling the peak, make sure to glue a small portion. Then IMMEDIATLY slap on the second cut-out. Make sure to allign it right now.
Go along the strip glueing a bit more and a bit more of it at a time to the second cut out. Till you seal them both together (The cut outs) with those strips.

Step four is to get refrence pics. Use those refrence to make the details, simply cut out pieces of cardboard and glue it right on for elevation, the next step will make it look part the gun.

Step five is Paper MACHE! While optional, is VERY VERY highly reccomended.
Simply paper mache the entire thing, using your nail to push the mache into details that you want to see, and covering up holes you dont. This is what covers up mistakes made before.

Step six is to resin it in its entirety. Make sure to coat everywhere with resin to increase the newspaper strength, and give it a better grip in the hands.

Step seven is to paint. I prefer cheap paints that you find then spraying on Krylon clear spray paint for shinyness, but thats just you. Once again refrence pictures help.

Step eight is to plasti dip any grips, make sure you have the ability to hold and grip the object easily.

Step nine is to add extra details. The ammo counter, the trigger, whatever you want, its time to add now.

That is all, sorry if there was a lack of pictures, but once done, your weapon will look something like this.

Remember that this is my second one ever, so it may not be as good as links. But it still only cost 5 bucks and took a days work.
So enjoy.
Oh yeah, I have no idea how this was posted here. Heh, I guess im just disoriented.
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For the amount of effort you are using to use paper mache, and the fact that you are using toxic resin anyway (most papermacheer's use paper mache to avoid fiberglass and resin), you are better off fiberglassing it. It'd be less work.
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