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So, since my ODST isn't going to happen for Halloween, I figured something else was in order, Pyramid Head. (Caboos, ya beat me to it!)

I've been searching since September, but I can't seem to find anything big enough.

Do any of you know where to get very large sheets of Cardboard that is pretty much undamaged? I would need it to be about a square meter.

Thanks regardless of results,



One advatage of working for a grashory store is the cardboard :] i had to go out side to get this pix, it goes from wall to wall, behind that big peice is 3 or 4 just like it, all of it being triple ply and very very smooth!!!

sorry its not rotated


IMO your going to need more then a meter. The helm i making is longer/ tall then a meter. I have already cut the nose peices at 1 meter and to me they just felt to small, so i went bigger. Also, I would love to send you some cardboard, but I not really sure how. If you have any ideas PM me.

p.s. sorrry about my spelling

EDIT- a square meter might work, i did realize it was 10 squre feet till now lol


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For my Tetris Project, I just so happened to have a cardboard-box supplier a short drive away. I ordered 60-ish boxes and they were EXTREMELY cheap, as cardboard boxes at stores like U-Haul and UPS usually cost like, what, $3 a box? Those 60 ended up being just about $1.25 each. It was GREAT.

Check out U-Line and see what the costs would be of sending you a large cardboard box.

Or, check this out, I found a box they do for bicycles, that's a large amount of cardboard! (58x8x28") The downside being you have to order a minimum of 5, but for like, $30 to have THAT much cardboard.. I think it'd be worth it. Especially because they ship it to you in a box. Or, if there's a supplier near you, you can pick it up and scratch off the shipping costs.

Hope that helps!

Edit: Also, when I was hunting around for cardboard a few years back, I went to Best Buy and asked if they had any empty TV boxes. You know those giant boxes the display televisions come in? Yeah. We got one, and it was at least 48" wide. If you want a freebie option, try that route.


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Oh yeah, that's true.

The invisible box you see in my avatar can be sent free of charge. Takes me a while to make 'em, though, you may have to be on backorder. D;


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Well, if you want a lot of cardboard, you can get USPS to ship you free package boxes. The boxes are free, and the shipping is free.

If you want big cardboard plates, I really don't have a source for you.