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red l33t

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(i am sorry if this is in the wrong place, i also put it in the flood but it is Halo 3)
this is my poor mans master chief costume the chestplate and helmet took me a total of 5 hours to make gauntlet 20 minutes forearm (not pictured) like 30
back breastplate
front breastplate
its getting there
I made this entirely out of cardboard and duct tape (2-liter mountain dew bottle for the visor) in 3 days quick and easy to make
I know its not detailed or very good but you can see that it looks like the master chief...or at least a spartan
btw NEVER post your armor on I got TORN APART they all think they can do better....yes i know mine isnt very good i need to take my time next time...if anyone could give some pointers or tips or glue ideas....also i make a fold in the cardboard...makes it very unstable any like foam fill stuff someone can recommend[/url]
Hey, for a cheap-as-free that is awesome. I have been doing some cardboard armor myself. For strengthening the folds, take another, smaller piece of card board and fold it also, then tape inside the fold. it has worked well for me so far. Also works well when doing a flush joining.

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