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Alright. Noob question. I have searched and searched and I haven't found what I'm looking for. How do I cast a helmet. I need all the steps I can get. It might help if you even start with making the helmet. Please I really need help right now. I want to make an MC helmet, but I've decided that pepakura and fiberglass resin just aren't going to cut it. I want a quality helmet like Adam's.
How do I cast a helmet.
you cast a helmet by using a hard setting material like urethane, fiberglass or other resin, into a mould. to make a mould you need to sculpt a master. If you haven't sculpted a helmet before, Id suggest you start with something a lot simpler than a master chief. pepakura would be a far better starting point
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Also, if it's your first pepakura, start with something a bit less important. Like a bicep. That way if you screw it up, it barely matters, and you get some practice in.
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