CEMETERY WIND'S mark v b undersuit


Hello I'll just keep this short I couldn't find any files on the mark v b undersuit from Halo Reach , so I decided to take the raw file from the in game pull , and I tweaked it up and made it simple but I started working on the abdomen and gave it a few more details , I will continue to work on the neck and elbows and thighs for you all , this should fit directly under your armor , but I imagine you wouldn't be able to move very well but if its accuracy and stance you're looking for this is for you , would love to see someone do a rubber type mold .



(y)Spine completed and neck seal completed, and for fun I have decided to do the chest minus attachments and I will need some help unfolding these models if anyone wants the files.
Screenshot (17).png
Screenshot (18).png
Screenshot (19).png


Alright I have been quite busy over the days with work but I've managed to complete the neck seal , cod ,under armor, spine, chest and chest details ,abdomen, and for something extra the mark v (a) helmet , but I am looking for a trusted unfolder for these files. so I can share with the public o_O, and in these pictures there are some raw obj but they are simplified .
Screenshot (22).png
Screenshot (23).png
Screenshot (24).png
Screenshot (25).png
Screenshot (28).png


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I really like it!
I can't really find much about the Mark V armor :/
Everyone is just there with the Mark VI.. xD
But looks really good!