For Sale Cereal Kill3r Halo 3 Helmet

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I’m selling a Replica Halo 3 helmet from Cereal Kill3r. Not many people were able to get their hands on a copy of these but I was the last cast from the mold. Helmet is sturdy and painted a cobalt blue by myself with battle damage. Selling to make room for something else on my Halo shelf! Any questions just ask.


  • 992C6444-0163-449A-A803-F133D211D53F.jpeg
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  • 500C8852-ABF8-430B-9969-383FC8C52E47.jpeg
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  • A487B47D-CACA-40A0-B63C-B47624085455.jpeg
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  • 272336C8-6B50-4A37-B833-7217E33D71CB.jpeg
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  • 7B8533AE-7DDD-46A2-A4C6-916557310E79.jpeg
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  • EB2EC5A3-6DC4-4D4A-8F6B-F3983828EFFD.jpeg
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