Cheap molding.

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Using the cheapest stuff possible that is able to re-use as a mold, and using the cheapest stuff possible to cast. Plus the stuff needed for releasing and sealing. How much would it cost to make a helmet out of the stuff?

I really hope its not so much.


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I don't know a real cheap route. I have about $450 in just molding and casting material for my helmets. Smooth-on rocks, and remember if you go cheap it my fail or come out cheap......

Good Luck!

If your only making one it's cheap to buy someone's raw pull.


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just go the smooth on method. its clearly the best one. Spase, ADAM, and DoC use it so it must be the greatst way. bite the bullet spend the money, enjoy the results.

Ral Partha

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I don't think plaster is good enough to capture details, even less when it comes to molding things with undercuts like the MC helmet. If you can do multi-part molding, maybe but since plaster hardens like a rock when it dries, glove molding is out of the question. It's more appropriate for making mother molds where rigidity is a desired quality.

Might I suggest latex mold builder? It's not as expensive as silicone rubber ($67 per gallon vs $160 per gallon of Rebound 25) and captures details very well. On the downside, it's a time-consuming process and I emphasize here TIME-CONSUMING, to put sufficient number of layers of latex for glove molding. In addition, it's quite delicate and not as robust as silicone rubber, thus giving you much fewer mold casts.
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