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You guys may know about it already, but i've never seen it. Looks like it would be extremely useful in crafting costumes. Wal-Mart has this thing in red for only $39.99.

It's a belt sander, the belt is like 3/4" wide. Black and Decker makes the one they sell in wal mart, its exactly the same.
I saw a 20 dollar 3 inch belt sander at big lots yesterday when I was there bumming around with family, looked good to me.
I've used these before on sculptures... They work for a little while, but the belts don't last very long.
you gotta be careful on what kind of paper you use on that because some paper, if too thick, will over heat the machine causing it to malfunction
does anyone actually own/use this type of sander? i thought it would be great for detailed sanding. aside from a dremmel tool which i have already. the dremmel is no good for sanding big areas.
I'm going to use a mouse sander for the larger areas. Since I'm going home for thanksgiving, I'll just permanently borrow my parents sander, with permission of course.
If you want long lasting belts, get emery cloth belts. They will out last paper belts 10 to one since they are tough fabric bands not paper so you can sand an edge without worrying about the paper band tearing if it catches a bad spot.
Sandpaper ftw.

Machines are great - for large areas. I'll probably use a multitool for the chestplate and helm... but the other areas are all going to be hand-sanded. I have never found a machine yet that does a better job than I could do myself.
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