chest scaling issue

So I am ready to start work on my 3rd chest and I don't want to risk getting it wrong. Now the reason my second chest failed was is because I didn't factor my pressure suit into the scaling. you can see that here...


Now the pressure suit doesn't add to the width of my chest, but it adds to the thickness, and I don't know how to compensate for that. So I was hoping someone could explain how to do that. I can't take failing at building this third chest, so please help...


Jr Member
I had a similar problem. If the scale is correct and otherwise looks fine then you could consider trimming half an inch along the inside of those side connector thing-wangers. I increased the width of my chest by half an inch and it threw the whole set off and still hugged my sides too tightly so trimming was my best option.
I've actually already gotten rid of the chest. I got rid of it about 2 weeks ago. I've taken a break until now to get myself back together.