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Childrens Miracle Hospital Event

Discussion in 'Mountain Regiment' started by FatherDamien CO, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    Hello everyone.

    I work at an Ace Hardware store in Delta, CO.

    "Since 1991 Ace vendor partners, Ace retailers, Ace Retail Support Centers and the corporate office have donated more than $53 million to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals." (Source: Ace Hardware-Acenet.com)

    Our store is hoping to do a lot more than we have in years prior to help with this great cause. There is a CMN Hospital in Aurora, CO. The owners of the store I work for are part of RMAS (Rocky Mountain Ace Stores) and this group of Ace stores all want to step up the drive this year. Ace has an annual "Bucket Sale" to help raise funds for CMN. Basically you donate $5.00 and get a free 5 gallon bucket. And while in the store anything that fits in the bucket is 20% off. A lot of the Ace stores make it a "bottomless" bucket so other items in the store are also 20% off even though they don't fit in a bucket.

    Of the $5.00 that you donate 100% of it goes to CMN. The next bucket sale is slated for sometime in summer 2015.

    I thought that a way to boost donations this day would be to have a person in Cos-Play at the participating Ace stores on hand to pose for pictures and hand out the buckets. Now, my Space Marine isn't as well known as other costumes. And well, I'm in Delta, CO and cant be at all the stores on the day of the sale......so, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in something like this. Halo is way more known than Warhammer.(At least in my little town) So, anyone interested?

    Also, I have volunteered to wear my Warhammer Space Marine suit to the next RMAS meeting in Denver/Aurora. Its the only suit I currently have in a wearable state. My intention was just to give the board members an idea of what I can construct and what it looks like in real life. They loved the pictures. I also said that I can build other suits. Halo, Buzz Lightyear, Iron Man. All of which I want to build for my own collection anyway.

    I was informed today that not only do the RMAS members want to see the suit; they want me to tour the hospital as well. In costume. :)

    This will take place March 2nd or 3rd. My boss asked if anyone in the Denver area that has a suit of any type would like to come to this as well. If people are interested I will get you all the specifics on times and what not.

    Thank you for your time,

    FatherDamien CO
  2. Angus314


    I would love to attend but I'm afraid the 2nd and 3rd are no goes for me. If it was over the weekend, I would be more than happy to make the trip from grand junction. But I'm afraid weekdays don't work as well for me due to class. Sorry. I'll keep checking in to see if the date changes! I would love to put my suit to better use than it's current storage. Also, I'm not certain there is an Ace in Grand Junction but if there is and they are participating and want someone there, count this spartan in!

    **edit** I also just realized that if anything, the 20% off bucket would be perfect for cosplay supplies! So, if anything, that's even more incentive to support such a great cause!
  3. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    Ill get sale dates up on here as soon as I know them. I will meet the different store owners at the next RMAS meeting and see which ones for sure would like someone at their stores for the Bucket Sale.

    Pretty sure there is one in Clifton, Fruita and Palisade. Tons in the Denver area if we get anyone interested over there.

    I'm going to see if I can get the stores to put together a Cos-Play supply pack as a thank you for anyone that does donate their time to this event. I have access to a pallet of foam mats and everyone could always use glue sticks and exacto blades I'm guessing. I'll try to get them to throw in some plasti-dip as well.
  4. SwedishNinja


    Events during the work week are a bit hard to pull off for me but keep us posted!
  5. Gilmortar


    Yes, Damien, go ahead and be the spear head for this event. Keep us up to date on what days, times and any other info. We will want to get in contact with the stores we are going to do this at ahead of time so they know who and what to expect.

    You can count me in with the ODST, and possibly Hydra as well. But I'll try to be there with you in Aurora March 2/3. Just like said, keep all the info up to date here and let us know when you find out any more info. Sounds like it will be a great time, and most definitely count us in for the Children's hospital visit.
  6. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    The bosses went to Florida for a quick break. They will be back Monday, January 19th. I'll get more info then.

    I'm working hard on my Recruit armor but I don't think Ill get it done in time. So, Ill likely be in my Space Marine for this CMN event in March. Once the Bucket Sale dates are set in stone Ill post them here and on the Face Book page.

    Thanks everyone.
  7. Gilmortar


    Damien, any news on this as of recent?
  8. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    I got a jury summons for the days of the CMN event. I'm trying to see if I can reschedule so that I can still make the CMN event in March.

    Monday I should have all the dates and I'll post them with times as soon as I get them.
  9. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    I got my jury summons rescheduled for March 17th. So, I'm good to go on March 3rd. I have an e-mail out to the lady in charge of this event. I'm just waiting to hear from her on exact times and where to meet up.

    I pitched the idea of Spartans being on site at Ace stores to pose for pictures for the day of the CMN bucket sale we shall see what she thinks. It appears that the CMN bucket sale will be during the Labor Day weekend. So, we have lots of time to plan that event out.
  10. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    Update: The March 3rd showing is going to be just me showing off my suit for the RMAS board of directors. The CMN hospital is not going to let me tour the hospital on this day. They said that they would love for it to happen at some point but not on this date.

    The RMAS board wants to do an auction for what they are calling a "Hero" suit. All the proceeds from the auction will go to CMN. They have asked me if I am wiling to build the suit to fit the winner of this auction. I said that I would. However, I'm a bit of a novice in this and was wondering if a more accomplished builder would be interested in something like this for them?

    They do love the idea of Spartan's or other Hero's posing at local Ace stores during the CMN bucket sale to increase foot traffic in hopes of more donations for CMN. The bucket sale is slated for Labor Day weekend. I would just need to know who is available where and Ill get those people contact information for the Ace store in their area. I will be putting together a thank you package for anyone that donates their time to this event. Foam pads, glue sticks, blades.....something like that.
  11. Gilmortar


    Unfortunately for us, Labor Day weekend is always Dragon*Con, which is where Hydra and I met, so it's sort of our "anniversary" every year.

    As for the suit... I'm going to go on a limb and say that was a bit to chew off without having the experience. However....... I have a Halo CE Helmet, that I can complete and we can auction off, but as for a full suit...that will be a bit of an undertaking, but I will ask some of the more accomplished builders I know.
  12. SwedishNinja


    Labor day is probably not going to work for me either.

    As for the suit your best bet would be to find someone who has casts of their suit and just auction off a generic one size fits all. A pep suit took me over 400 hours to build and I lucked out on getting all of the sizing correct and even the foam suits take a lot of time. But I'll defer to Gilmortar's expertise as he has waaaaaay more experience in the costuming world.
  13. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    So, I talked them into just buying/me donating my existing suit for the auction. That way I don't have to build a custom one for the auction.

    As long as the weather doesn't get crazy bad Ill drive over Monday afternoon and present the suit to the RMAS board Tuesday. And they did manage to get permission for me to tour the Hospital suited up after all. :cool:
  14. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    Made the drive over showed off the suit to RMAS and they loved it. They have placed it on an auction site and so far the bid is at $850.00. All proceeds will go to CMN of Aurora, CO.

    I was able to visit kids on floor 6. I had a wonderful time. Nothing like a kids smile to brighten up your day. Unfortunately the weather started to look bad so I didn't get to visit other floors; I headed home to Delta, CO around noon. Took about an hour to visit all the rooms on one floor.

    They told me that I was welcome to come back again and that if we can set it up they would be happy to let several of us visit the kids. If anyone is interested let me know here or in a PM.

    Hope everyone is well.

  15. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    I'm happy to report that my suit brought in $900.00 for CMN. The auction closed yesterday.

    I'm also in a state of shock that the winner of the auction has told me to keep the suit! They told me to keep it and to keep going to the Hospital and making kids smile.
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  16. Angus314


    Splendid!! Way to go Damien! That's fantastic news!
  17. Mstruvmgc


    Congrats on everything!!!
  18. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

  19. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    We have begun prep for the bucket sale here at my store. I have lined up several cosplayer's to pose for pictures to hopefully increase donations. I didn't get my Recon armor finished for this event however and I will be in my Space Marine for it. Everyone else is a Disney character.......so no Halo represented at this one but, next year I'm sure that will change. We have a photographer coming to the event so I will be sure to post pics and let you all know how much we raise for the Aurora, CO CMN.
  20. FatherDamien CO

    FatherDamien CO

    Brought in just over $800.00 for Aurora, CO Children's Miracle Network Hospital with our annual bucket sale. Had a total of about 9 cosplayers show up.


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