Chris Bryan's armor questions.

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I was looking at the pictures of Chris Bryan's armor and im trying to figure out a few things.

First of all, i know he used fiberglass, but what else was coated on it?

What did you use to put the pieces together?

And is using Mat Board good for this type of work.

I plan on copying this set, it looks really clean and diffined, not to hard to work with.

Sorry if this is one of the stupidest post you have seen to date, but im very new on this forum (first post woot) And im not to sure who is Chris.
silvercookie said:
you do not copy someones work

that is plageurism
you would have to give him some credit.

woah woah woah, dont be so hastey buddy, this is for personal use, i give him credit for all of this, but i just love how its so clean im just going to remake it. And Plageurism is were you copy someones work and say its yours, i did not say this was mine.
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when you copying his work you mean his style not moulding it and casting them to sell
silvercookie said:
o my bad sorry.

Its all good, i kinda knew were you were comen from ;P

And also a new question comes to mind, how did he do like the tube thing. I mean did he mold that outa somem, i have no clue on how to do these soooo, if you could just drop alittle advise to a beginner :)
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you could jsut find piping (not sure what kind but someone know) cut it in half and stick it on i guess.
I posted a thread on finding some mannequins cheap.... use that search button.

Seek and ye shall find! ;-)
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