chromed out masterchief idea

how should the suit look??

  • chrome parts with black for undersuit??

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  • chrome parts with a chrome sort of undersuit?

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something ive been thinking of, instead of doing the standard green for the suit and since i cant have an invisible one (the us gov. would be paying me mega bucks if i could) i want to have a 100% chrome suit.....

anybody done it yet?? if so i wanna see it!!

i figure the chrome will give it the invisible look. i figure on having the lights on it and everything and instead of having the gold lense have a silver/chrome version double layered bluerealm style.

basically if i could find the material for an undersuit i would either have that shiny kinda material used back in the 70's for disco pants or just use black for the undersuit and settle for only chrome parts.......

comments???ideas???? looking forward to it!!
I think it would be kind of hard. The closest I could get would be ductaping tinfoil to my armor. XD But what do I know, I'm a Pepakura man.
You'd have to use a polished texture that used something like 3M adhesive. That'd be bright and would hurt your eyes.
well i know there is a chrome mirror finish paint and i just found a chrome cloth and i think it would work beautifully...

what other things would i do to make myself be the "invisible master chief"?? besides chrome??
you cant really chrome a chief suit, unless its from metal. What you can do is spray painted chrome /silver.
I have an idea TD.

Grab a good high res MC photo.

Then take his armor in photoshop and chrome it.

It'll give you an idea of what you'll be looking at with your armor ;-)
well im not quite sure how to "chrome" things in ps....if i can get you a pic of him do you think you could "chrome" it?

and yes i know to make the plastic suit(thats what i meant i was just stating how the chrome would be done if it wasnt plastic).
im going to make your standard suit, have a reg MC color green suit and then also a chrome one(unless i can find a better way to make the invisible version of MC....)

any ideas on how to make a wearable version of the invisible MC suit lemme like to make my suit like that..
well here is a chromed image (using my own way) it kinda looks like a worn chrome....thenagain, with all the master chief has been through id doubt his chrome would still be polished to perfection


its not like a shiny chrome but you get the picture...

now i need more ideas if anybody can think of some on how to make the inviso version of MC. chrome might be a little off now that i look at it, so if anybody has an idea to submit please do!!!!!
The only way you'll make a inviso-chief is if you invest in the time, money, and technology of the flexible LCD film. If you want to chrome your armor, you can, but the armor will get extremely hot; inside and out. Just my .02 cents.
WiskeyFoxtrot said:
sure chrome if u like being hot

Wouldn't chrome reflect the light and be cooler than, say ... black armor?

Did I fall asleep that day in science class?
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thats what i always is supposed to absorb light energy which after a period of time in the sun heats up due to stored energy.

the chrome would act like a mirror and reflect it everywhere else but the suit....thats what i thought
Well, my gut says go with this. You'd be the first with a chrome mc, and it would look pretty sweet.

Plus it would be original ;-)
lookin forward to shiny :)

well i guess due to the lack of the progression of technology i will have to give up on inviso chief and just do a pimped out chief lol
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