Chuck Norris is sooooo awesome!

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Yeah Chuck seems pretty amused with his newfound internet celebrity.

I read up on him the other night because I wanted to see how long it's been since he competed (1974), and found out many other interesting things about him...

Didn't know he was Cherokee.... didn't know he started in Tang Soo Do... didn't know he formed his own fighting style..

but my favorite thing about Chuck Norris is this pic:

chuck norris is like a cave man with a gun......and thats cool.....he once had to kill 76 people to find a dog! lmaoo chuck is cool
Well, though Chuck Norris is kind of cool, I prefer the Master Chief. He owns Chuck any day. Also the Barrens (those who have played World of Warcraft know what I mean) kind of burned me out on Chuck... all those noobs... /stares blankly, as if remembering a past horror.
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