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I think i have just the person for you! Hes rather expirianced at this sort of thing. Hes a friend of mine so, ill have to ask for his permission to give out his email. If he allows it (Which he most likely will.) then ill PM you his MSN / Email address
i may be able to help, but idk, am i getting "anything" out of this, or is i for free or what, cause the site needs some serious help
Well, the first problem is having music on the site (particularly that music). Talk your clan leader out of music, and Ill see what I can come up with. Mine will be basic and uncoded, so bear with me if I do finish it.
Jesus. Please no rap on clan sites. And it's a pretty decent layout, too many side-links though.
WOW vista doesnt like that web page at all! It darn near called the national guard!!! it tried to install some program called joke/er
Oh god. Get rid of the music, earthquake, and change the background. And, keap it consistant. It feels like I'm going to a different site when I click on a link. Keep the background the same on each page (But not that Background).
:eek :eek :eek nearly called the website police... just... eeeewwww

keep backgorunds consistent and simple, so maybe some lines or simple designs, but no pix PLEASE! , and the table color is ugly.

ill see if my bud can give you help. hes 13, but he is the best layout maker ive ever seen, cept he cant do graphics if his life depended on it., so hed probably have me do that :p. ever an exaple of his work (but not nearly his best) is here:
WOW i can do way better than most of these examples (no offence) i can do it, youve seen examples of my works
i got a hold of the kid. he says hell do it, but itl cost 5 bucks plus a dollar for each page. not bad in my opinion, hes good at this stuff.
pm me if you are interested
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