Clarification needed

The title probably sounds noobish, but what I really want to know is in what order to do things. I don't mean the expencive option of making a clay model, then getting a mold, and then making it, I mean using the Pepakura then adding stuff.

This is where my question lies, after having made and assembled your Pepakura, you are then suppost to add layers of Resin to it (right?) but after this I am sort of lost. Am I then suppost to fiber glass the part after it has had the Resin? And after fiberglassing, I use bondo for the smoothing and fine details, and then paint?

Any steps I may have missed? Thanks.
ok thanks, I wasn't sure if I had it right. I may ask some more questions from time to time, like how to get a good weathered paint-job, but that's for later, thanks a lot :)