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So im going to mold using Pepakura. woot.

So let me know if im right with my steps here. Using card stock, you make the frame using pepakura. Pouring the resin into the cardstock and let it harden, while if I want place intervals of fibreglass to harden the surface. Then when it hardens, paint over the card stock and im basically finished. TWO THINGS.

ONE= I know im missing something, otherwise its always easier then i thought.

TWO= how many gallons of Resin will i need for an enitre suit? im 6 feet tall with a prett big build if you want to knwo for scaling. and if you know, how much would the fibreglass cost? tahnks a lot guys,

If you mold using pepakura then you will have a rounded peice with no detail in the plastic, Why not just resin and fiberglass the cardstock? You need to resin the cardstock anwyays or else the plaster would be absorbed into the cardstock and smash it down, but even resin's strngth wont hold a glob of plaster, so you'll need to fiberglass it too.

This is gonna come out more expensive than molding from clay to player to plastic, and it will come out crappy. Just stick with pepakura if your going to work with pep.

Oh I just read your entire post, sorry lol.

I dont mean to be flaming you, but plase read the stickies in the pep forum, you dont pour resin over the cardstock, you'd smash it, you dont fiberglass the outside you'd get something really ugly like a swamp monster.....actually you could make a camo cheif lol, but anyways, you make cardstock peices, paintbrush resin in lightly, inside outside, apply fiberglass with glue on the inside, then resin over the glass inside, paint.

Thats the basics, theres a ton more work, but thats the basic steps, read all the stickies.


2 cans of resin is about 24-28 dollars
3 sheets of 3x3 fiberglass is 18 dollars
Paintbrushes for 10 dollars
Paint for 30 dollars
Sandpaper 1 dollar
Dremel 30 dollars
cardstock 12 dollars

And please....dont skimp on any of these materials...Theres people telling me they can make armor from printer paper and it looks "nice" then they come and cry saying it smashed down when resining...and theres others who dont bother fiberglassing, then come and ask how do they fix their warped armor because when they used it they bent it.....just follow the steps right and you'll be happy....

Make sure you have 100 dollars...maybe 200.
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