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it is sulphur free... and for 50lbs its only 87 bucks :)..

Art Chemical Products produces non-drying, non-hardening, no-sulfur modeling clay for a variety of applications. It is non-toxic, sanitary, and odorless. Klean Klay is easy to handle and work with and remains hand-pliable at room temperature. Klean Klay keeps its smooth, firm consistency and retains the shape into which it is molded.

Klean Klay Modeling Clay is a suitable model and mold-making material for:

Cultured Marble Products
RTV Silicone
Rubber Molding
Product Development Modeling
Fibre Glass Molding
Architectural Modeling
Metal Casting
School Arts & Crafts
Cement Casting
Forensic Models
Claymations and/or Special Effects for Stage or Film
i agree with my cousin that kind of clay sounds reliable i hope we get your report about how it worked xD by the way im new ;D
Well, I ordered 2 pounds of KleanKlay, and two pounds of Plasteline which should arrive in two more days. I wanted to compare too, but in test batches :)

(I liked the idea of cheaper clay too :D)
I think it'll work though, since they're similar enough. At the very worst, the silicon will stick to the clay a little more.
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