Clear (Camo) Armor Build. Has anyone done it?

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by MorganWolfblood, May 7, 2018.

  1. MorganWolfblood


    Greetings Spartans,

    My partner and I are planning to craft a H3 Mk VI armor, as the thread states, in clear "camo" style. I am making this thread to ask, has anyone crafted such a thing? We are interested in knowing what materials are recommended and techniques. Or if anyone else is interested in crafting something similar and have ideas to trade, this can be a place to share them. Thank you for your input/help.
  2. If you are talking about active camo, I am not sure how you would realistically pull that off, maybe tricks with mirrors. good luck, excited to see what you come up with.
  3. Cadet

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    If you wanted to make Clear Armor, you would have two options.
    1. Vacuum Form in Clear Plastic.
    2. Cast in a clear resin.

    Both options would require you to sculpt up the armor and make molds first. A positive "Buck" for vac-forming or a negative silicone mold, with reinforcing mother mold, for Resin.
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  4. MorganWolfblood Is the goal to just have clear armor or replicate the active camo effect from the game?
  5. TurboCharizard

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    I for one would be interested in seeing a completed build. Maybe a reflective zentai suit in a clear resin cast suit? I don't know man, this just blew my mind.
  6. MorganWolfblood


    Yes, exactly! We obviously don’t believe we can achieve full active camo effect, we are more on the novice side of crafting skills. But would like to have clear armor. Later we would figure out the under suit to help drive home the idea. We were thinking vaccum forming.
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  7. I agree with TurboChiarzard except you should probably go for a foggyish reflective undersuit. I'm tempted to try it myself now.
  8. MorganWolfblood


    We had actually talked about something along those lines but on the armor itself. We thought of applying a “frost” finish to the reverse side of the plates. Maybe a combination of both the suit and the armor plating having a similar effect.
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