Clone trooper helmets in pepkura?


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hey my fellow spartan dudes and chicks i was wondering if there is any clone helmet for pepakura?

any help would be sweet!

P.S. can you guys post as many varients as possible (if found first)



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The only easy parts would be the fin, the rest would be a major pain in the butt and would need a lot of putty and shaping. The CT helmets have a flow to them, its hard to describe.


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I was also looking for clone trooper pep thingamabobs, but the closes thing i could find that seemed decent enough was .pdf and a stormtrooper.

It's here if you're interested. I haven't even printed it off yet; i just found it like five minutes ago and rememberred someone else looking for trooper armor.

As far as the droids go: what kind of droids are you looking for (because "these arent the droids youre looking for" hee hee sorry...anywho....)

yeah...but what droids were you looking for? i mean are you talking R2 style, probe droids, gonk droids, battle droids, or what? I'm just asking because i'm looking at a bunch o' papercraft sites that use pep, and if i come across anything fitting your specicifcations, i'll give you the heads up.

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erm... somehow mate, I don't exactly think that you are going to fit into a Battle Droid armor set... maybe the super battle droid, but other then that, unless you are seriously anorexic, I doubt that you would be able to fit into a set...