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Clubs on Xbox - 405th European

Discussion in 'European Regiment' started by CommanderPalmer, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. CommanderPalmer


    There was an update rolling out today for Xbox One which brought us the "Clubs on Xbox" feature.
    Clubs are to bring people together, so if you want to play a game or just chat - you have people with and as our 405th European Regiment is big, it would be nice if everyone who owns Xbox One, could play together if they wish.

    I made a club "European Regiment 405th Infantry Division" and I invite everyone to join in.

    I already sent out invites to some members I have on my Xbox Live friendlist, so you can either search for the club yourself or just send me a message and I can invite you.

    Also, I don't have everyone in my friendlist on Xbox Live, here is my gamertag - commanderpaimer (displayed as CommanderPalmer)

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