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Discussion in 'European Regiment' started by CommanderPalmer, Nov 10, 2016.

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    There was an update rolling out today for Xbox One which brought us the "Clubs on Xbox" feature.
    Clubs are to bring people together, so if you want to play a game or just chat - you have people with and as our 405th European Regiment is big, it would be nice if everyone who owns Xbox One, could play together if they wish.

    I made a club "European Regiment 405th Infantry Division" and I invite everyone to join in.

    I already sent out invites to some members I have on my Xbox Live friendlist, so you can either search for the club yourself or just send me a message and I can invite you.

    Also, I don't have everyone in my friendlist on Xbox Live, here is my gamertag - commanderpaimer (displayed as CommanderPalmer)

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