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Hello, Name's Nic, I'm from the Southern Regiment Area.
A bit of an introduction to myself, I have been steadily cosplaying and building at least 1 costume a year for the last 6 years, I have a couple of costumes I build before that, but nothing as high as of a quality since it was when I was in high school. Most of my costumes have been Star Wars related, I have a Mando (MMCC Approved), an ARC Trooper (501st quality standards, just custom), a Jedi, and a custom Smuggler, back in 2019 I decided to branch out a little bit and make my very first non star wars costume as well as my first EVA costume, it was a Royal Guard Crimson Lancemen from the first Borderlands game. I have also had quite a few plans to dive into halo cosplaying for several years now, it was actually on the to do list before my Mando was started and got put on the back burner because of it. currently on the list is an ODST, Noble 1, and a Noble 6, and now potentially a Halo Reach Marine/Army Soldier.

With that all out of the way, the plan currently is to put together a Halo Reach ODST, not so much a Bullfrog, but a custom ODST squad that is based in the Halo Reach Armor type. The Idea is to have a group effort of specialized ODST (Sniper, Breacher, RTO, Medic, Etc.) that are all build in a similar or same way as each other, with matching primary color scheme and soft goods but personalized secondary colors and loadout/accessories.

The plan is build it mainly out of EVA foam but have elements of 3D prints and Resin for accessories and details. The goal is to make these as accurately as we possibly can and as close as we possibly can so that when we are coordinated and grouped up that we look cohesive as one Squad.
While we are basing it off of Halo Reach and the Reach Weapons and accessories, we are taking a bit of creative freedom and taking elements from Halo 3: ODST as well with some of the helmet attachments (like Romeo's Visor) as well as the SOCOM Magnum (perhaps eventually I'll actually model the Reach one WITH the SOCOM attachments)

Starting off I'll go into details on things that are across the squad.
Primary Colors are Dark, Medium, and Light Grey

-Soft goods are so far as Follows-
Free Soldier Tactical Boots in Black [Link Here] (Amazon)
Free Soldier Boots..jpg

Pants: Tru-Spec Men's 24-7 Series Xpedition Pant in Black & Charcoal [Link Here] (Amazon)

Tops: now for the tops there is a few different types we decided on to allow flexibility and customization in the squad while still hold onto the design cohesion.

Option 1: Tru-Spec Men's Tactical Response Short Sleeve Combat Shirt in Black [Link Here] (Amazon)

Option 2: Men's TRU-SPEC Poly / Cotton 1/4 Zip Tactical Response Combat Shirt in EITHER Solid Black OR Black Urban Digital
Long Sleeve Black.png
Long Sleeve Urban.png

Gloves: Halo ODST Glove Kit - Costume Accessory Kit by Sean Bradley [Link Here] (Etsy)

There are Hard Parts we plan on using as a base but thats for another post (its late and I need sleep)

-Personal Build-

While the others are still deciding on what accessories and load outs they want, I have generally an idea already for what I want for mine already.
Starting out with my Personal secondary color Im going with Orange
for helmet attachments im doing the HUL[3] on the right side (like Carter) as well as CNM-I on the left side similar to below

Chest will be something similar to a mix of the Halo Reach

as well as a tac pad on my forarm by SkookumProps

More will be added and posted here as we progress as well as a continuous WIP.


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started to get a concept going for my color scheme, would anyone have any ideas on how to get that color of visor?
View attachment 313997
If you're doing a dye mix I'd guess two to one ratio of iDye Poly Orange and Red. There is quite a bit of grime on the edges of the visor so it's a bit difficult to tell the true colour.


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If you're doing a dye mix I'd guess two to one ratio of iDye Poly Orange and Red. There is quite a bit of grime on the edges of the visor so it's a bit difficult to tell the true colour.
It's almost like a coppery orange color, the shader i used in blender is Hex# 914800 with a blue sheen over top of it to tone it down some.
I'd kinda compare it to a cross between Jorge and Jun from reach.



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Things have been a bit slow, tends to happen when something drastic happens in your life and demands most of your Financials, but I've been slowly going at it and running my 3d printer pretty often to keep some amount of progress going.


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a bit of an update,
I've a standard Reach ODST shoulder printed, I am debating on the CQB for my left shoulder similar to Mickey, but also being the Squad Lead, I'm not sure if I should just go with both basic.
theoretically I could do both options and have them be interchangeable, but also wanted personal opinions on the matter.

Oh, also, an update on the SMG

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