Coating Pep armour in different materials


So I just would like to ask my fellow costume makers about pep costumes. So am in the making of films were the characters all have armour. Since I need to scale everyone's individually, I can't make molds. I can't use foam because its thickness would be hard to form into the armour peaces (Think of it like clone troopers from star wars. They have 45 degree points in the front of the armour and when people use foam it looses that special detail and looks bad).

So I was wondering if there is any other material besides bondo that you can coat pep models with? Something that's not brittle and when it falls it won't break. I know there are some materials that exist like high impact urethane resin but I don't really think you can coat that on pep. I would love to hear what you guys have in mind. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



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I recently coated my helmet in foamies. i was able to retain 90% of the detail of the pep. You can see pics of what it looks like in my veronica dare thread in my signature. I used the 2mm thin foamies, and used a heatgun to stretch and form it, even down into crevices, and a little hot glue to hold it all into place.

here is a direct link.