COD4 Map compared to real life.

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A man who recently visited the city took pictures of it, many of his pictures are game accurate to the map "bloc" in call of duty 4.

Some images may be disturbing so, be warned, this city is a wasteland because of a melted nuclear reactor which made everyone leave the city. Still cool to see the detail and accuracy of the game compared to reality.


would you rather have COD 4 when it says you in Chernobyl but its a sunny beach and your with MacMillan driking cocktails, this game has to be accurate because they just do, having a game that is accurate emerses yourself in real life much easier, so that you can see from that countries perspective nuff said

pretty spooky tho, i think the design team would have travelled to there maybe to get map ideas.


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the stalker-shadows of Chernobyl i dont know if anyone here played it, but they do have exact locations from real life to the game too.!


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i fail to see how it is scary. I actually think it's really cool how the developers took the time and effort to make such an accurate game.
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