Columbus - Ohio - Mar 23, 2018 - HaloWC 2018 Columbus Finals Viewing Party

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    Event Information

    Event Name
    HaloWC 2018 Columbus Finals Viewing Party

    Event Website
    Halo Championship Series - HaloWC 2018 Columbus Finals Viewing Party

    Event Venue
    Microsoft Store at Easton Town Center

    Venue Address
    167 Easton Town Center
    Columbus, OH 43219

    Approximate Number of Attendees

    Event Description
    At the official Columbus Finals Friday Viewing Party, fans can not only enjoy the live broadcast all throughout the store, but there will also be numerous gift cards up for raffle, MLG swag giveaways, 343-signed goodies, and staff from both 343 Industries and MLG on-site to hang out, chat with, and share in the festivities. Plus a Halo 5 2v2 tournament.

    Mar 23, 2018

    Start Time
    04:00 PM

    End Date
    Mar 23, 2018

    End Time
    10:00 PM


    Number of 405th Members Requested

    Can you provide a secure changing room/staging area to accommodate costumed attendees?

    Will you provide free entry to event for 405th members and handlers?

    Please list any other ameneties you are willing to offer our volunteers (food, water, etc.)
    We will provide drinks (soda, coffee, water) for all attendees. Volunteers are also more than welcome to participate in the festivities which may earn them swag and prizes. Food may also be available but this is not a guarantee.

    Request Description
    Would just love to have a few Spartans come down to celebrate Halo and the Halo World Championships with us. 343 Industries is bringing a backdrop that will provide guests with the opportunity to take photos, so of course having people in costume to take photos with will certainly be a possibility.

    Please note, this is a limited attendance event as only three (3) Troopers are requested.

    1. James Ficker - "Cadet" - Mark V

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    So, Frank O'Connor, Jeff Easterling (GrimBrotherOne), and Brian Jarrard (ske7ch) from 343i all showed up as guests to the party, totally unknown to me. It was very cool to have a chance to talk very briefly with Frankie, and to stand posing for pictures and listen to all his stories as he talked to other guests, and I was able to give him a 405th Patch, the first he claims to have ever even seen(!) and give MidWest Regiment Stickers to Grim and ske7ch.
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    Fabulous, Cadet! Thanks for doing the 405th proud!

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