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sence halo is now a comic and its such a huge game... we should get a group of us together and go to coma-con this comming year. what do you guys think? if you want to come PM me

edit: i meant for the 08 comic-con

members going:
Where at?

I go to Rosemont Wizard World Chicago every year with my dad... He takes us... It's kinda a tradition... :\
and my brother... (he wants to buy a storm trooper costume...)
its in sandaigo, will be Thursday, July 24 - Sunday, July 27... people between the ages 12-17 are 35$ and every one 18-59 is 75$ then 60+ is 35$
Ill go. I just need to find out what day it is a few months in advance so I can take off work.
SPARTAN405 said:
Seeing as my armor will be done by then im going. All four days too.

your luckys.. you live there.. i have to fly there.. but i fly for free so its cool lol
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I am deffinatly planning on going to comic-con 08 only a few hours drive for me ;)

im hoping to have my armor done by then if not I will have a camera and a laptop I can do direct uploads of vids for everyone
FullMetal Reg said:
does it change locations every year? because i live really far from cali.

It is always in one place in San Diego at the San Diego Convention Center

Aside from Ape it is pretty much the biggest Comic Convention on the west coast. I went in 03 when I was stationed near there and it was alot of fun even if you go for the full 4 days you wouldnt be able to see everything.

As for meeting somewhere I would vote for us to meet at the San Diego Airport it is only a short walk from the convention center and the parking would be alot cheaper and easyer to find.

Then afterward us that are "of age" could hit the gaslamp district for some fun lol
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First Day- Marine infantry

Second Day- Mjolnir Armor

Third Day- Jedi

Fourth Day- Mjolnir Armor

Thats how im going all four days. Anyone else going all four days?

also I do live in San Diego but the thing is that I live about 30 minutes away from downtown, so pretty much I drive there and back for a total of 4 hours.
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