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Complete Noob List

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Ithica, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Ithica

    Ithica Well-Known Member

    Some people may cheat like me (explain later) or you may want to do everything from scratch. If you do here is complete list of what you will need by name and location. Ebay is a place where you can get ANYTHING. I am sure you can find better prices but this is based on needs and not cost effeciency. There are little odds and ends like tape, scissors, pens and knives that you will need but you may have that around the house already so I did not post items like that. Unless a direct link is given then it I searched for it on Ebay. I am posting the exact titles as they were found. Links are usless because auctions and sales end. Be advised you will need variations of some items such as resin and etc. When you look at the prices also look at the quantity of the item. Some things I went with the better deal, obviously you don't need 2 sets of eyeware and so on. If you need further guidance please veiw the well written tutorials on specific areas. This is propbably the starting point to learn as a noob (which I am). The Official 405th Q & A Team. Download Pepakura, learn it, love it. Then you can download the pdo files and always watch other Members.

    First off let's start with SAFETY:

    Unti-Dust Spray Industrial Chemical Gas Respirator Mask: (So you can breathe when your old)

    Price: $10.49


    RUBBER GLOVES/ INDUSTRIAL USE: (Who wants skin cancer)

    Price: $2.50

    You know what they look like...lol.

    2 PAIR CLEAR WOOD WORKING SAFTEY GLASSES NEW: (You may need your eyes to finish the project)

    Price: $9.60

    You know what they look like...lol.

    Be sure to wear you long sleeve shirt and pants as well.


    Pepakura - Free The Official 405th Q & A Team (Needed to view and print pdo files)

    pdo file - Free The Official 405th Q & A Team (The project itself begins here)

    WAUSAU INDEX CARD STOCK 110LB WHITE PAPER 250 SHEETS: (What did you think you started with)

    Price: $10.00

    Looks like normal paper just thicker.

    DREMEL MULTIPRO MODEL 395 WITH CASE AND ACCESSORIES: (For cutting and sanding Bondo)

    Price: $20.00 - $40.00


    200 1/2"-1/4" SANDING BANDS WORK W/DREMEL ACCESSORIES: (For the Dremel)

    Price: $10.00

    The brown one all the way to the right in the image above.

    Mini hot glue craft scrapbooking hobby gun: (For Pepp and to hold other stuff in place)

    Price: $5.00 - $10.00


    Hot melt glue gun adhesive sticks, 25ct 4" by 5/16": (For your glue gun)

    Price: $5.00

    In the image above.

    Xacto #1 Knife with Safety Cap: (To cut out Pepp, scissors can be used to)

    Price: $4.00


    Art Advantage/ Xacto #11 Blade for a #1 Knife 5 pack: (For your Xacto Knife)

    Price: $2.00

    In image above.

    QUART BONDO AUTOMOTIVE BODY FILLER W/ HARDENER 262: (For detailing your Armor)

    Price: $15.00



    Price: $35.00


    Plastic Cups: (Container for Resin)

    Wal-mart of course for a couple bucks

    Acetone: (Used to thin Resin and clean brushes)

    Also at Wal-mart for under $10.00

    2" White Bristle Chip Paintbrush: (Brushing on Resin and some paint)

    Price: $2.00

    1.43 oz 1080 38" Fiberglass Cloth 50 yd roll: (To add strength to your Pepp, Only use inside)

    Price: $50.00


    Paints: (Duh)

    Best bought at Wal-mart

    100 PopSicle Sticks Craft Sticks Plain Wood Naut.Color: (Used to do Bondo and stir Resin)

    Price: $2.00

    You know.

    Sandpaper: (Used to sand Bondo)

    Best bought at Wal-mart

    Under Armor and Clothing for Armor:

    Tactical Full Finger PVC Rappel Combat Glove MEDIUM FS4: (Your gloves silly)

    Price: $13.99


    Crash Pads pants snowboard, motocycle armor padded: (You can use anything black depending on what you want to spend)

    Price: $45.00


    Sette Impact Protective Suit w/ Zip-Off Sleeves Item #93109: (You can use anything black depending on what you want to spend)

    Pressure Suit

    Price: $105.00

    Image in site.

    Black Leather Military Combat Boots - SZ 9 R: (You can use anything black depending on what you want to spend)

    Price: $20.00

    Military boots...

    Balaclavas &Face Mask &Neck Gator &Hood 4IN1 COLD GEAR: (For under your Helmet)

    Price: $10.00

    Ninja hood.

    Items used on Armor:

    1" Plastic Buckles 10 for Webbing Strapping: (For Armor Straps)

    Price: $8.00


    1" Black Polypro Webbing Strapping 50 yards: (For Armor Straps)

    Price: $15.00


    Load Bearing Suspenders Black LC-1 "H": (To support the weight of your belt)

    Price: $12.00


    Military - style SWAT Pistol Belt: (To hold your Groin pieces)

    Price: $10.00


    1" Aluminum Bookbinder Chicago Screws & Posts(100 sets): (To fasten the Groin pieces to the belt)

    Price: $13.50


    1" Plastic purse Slides Tri-glide buckles 100 PH16A-BK: (To use with the Armor Straps)

    Price: $10.00


    HJC HJ-09 RST Replacement Shields X2: (Your Dual Layer Helmet Visor)


    Price: $30.00 - $35.00


    30' x 2" Generic velcro type Roll Comm. Adhesive Tape: (To use on Hand Plates and padding inside Helmet and Armor)

    Price: $15.00


    GT Water Products SHORTY MASTER PLUNGER MPS4: (For rubber connector on boots)

    Price: $5.00


    Light Kits for Helmet and Suit: This pricing is based on bulk

    100 pcs 5mm White LED 17000mcd & Free Resistor: (The lights)

    Price: $8.99

    Shipping: Free

    Total: $8.99

    200 X 5mm black plastic led clip Holder Display Panel: (Clips to fasten the LEDs and look pretty)

    Price: $14.25

    Shipping: Free

    Total: $14.25

    Lot50 9 Volt Snap on Battery Clip Connector Type T 6": (Your power source plug)

    Price: $3.30

    Shipping: $6.00

    Total: $9.30

    LOT 2 MINI TOGGLE DPDT ON-ON SWITCH 125 VAC 6 AMP 6A: (Toggle switch for power)

    Price: $2.99

    Shipping: $1.75

    Total: $4.74

    20 ft Test Probe Wire 20 gauge rated 1000volts RED: (Power Wire)

    Price: $9.99

    Shipping: Free

    Total: $9.99

    NEW 20 ft Test Probe Wire 20 gauge rated 1000 Volt BLK: (Ground Wire)

    Price: $11.99

    Shipping: Free

    Total: $11.99

    New Solder Kit 30 watt Soldering Iron wit Solder and Heatshrink: (For Soldering, this one included Solder and Heatshrink, you may need to buy it seperate)

    Price: $3.99

    Shipping: $5.63

    Total: $9.62

    100pcs 100 ohm metal film resistors 1/4w +/-1%: (Use to reduce the power going to the lights so they don't blow out)

    Price: $1.30

    Shipping: $3.75

    Total: $5.05

    If there is anything I forgot please PM and I will research it and add it.

  2. adventchildmatrix

    adventchildmatrix Well-Known Member

    i see youv'e done your homework on this

    i personally think this is stickie worthy

    good job mate
    (how the heck do you find time for all this stuff you do on here
  3. Ithica

    Ithica Well-Known Member

    I am deployed which means when I work I work hard but when I don't I have absolutely nothing to do. I love this forum and the creativity. It inspires me.

  4. the stig

    the stig Well-Known Member

    We Have something like this in the UK section.
    Obviously this is more useful to you guys on the other side of the pond.
    Very good, Sticky-worthy indeed.
  5. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Stickied.

    Note: Keep in mind. Like Ithica said this is not an absolute list and variations may occur.

    Ithica, I know you said it already, but it bares repeating as even with both of us stating it people will ask repeatedly where to get the specific items you've listed.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 26, 2017
  6. spiz430

    spiz430 Jr Member

    wow... that was a LONG and very helpful list haha
    i can tell im going to come back to this soon :D
  7. Ithica

    Ithica Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for your kind words, I have a stickie...wwooooohhhhoooo. Thanks!

  8. DaFlea

    DaFlea Jr Member

    Unless I missed it you should add acetone..

    This is used for thinning the resin and cleaning up brushes and spills...

    Walmart has it for under 10 bucks...

    Also a container of disposible plastic cups to mix the resin and hardner in.

  9. Ithica

    Ithica Well-Known Member

    Thanks Doug, added...

  10. ilikecats

    ilikecats Member

    Very nice stuff, now if only there was one for Australians.
  11. Ithica

    Ithica Well-Known Member

    Stupid question from me but is your ebay the same as ours? If so minus a few items the rest was found on ebay. If not I'm sorry.

  12. rvb18

    rvb18 Well-Known Member

    lol you've been her what a month or less and u made the stickies, good job!
  13. Ithica

    Ithica Well-Known Member

    Yeah my wife and I were on yahoo and I sent her the link and she said I must be proud of my nerd self...lol. Oh wait I'm giving classes through yahoo and she will be hooked when I get home. I just started researching other topics and what I would need and decided to go a lil further and get a list for the absolute beginner. I would need all these items as well if I didn't cheat.

  14. xalener

    xalener Well-Known Member


    At first I thought this was gonna be a list of all the noobish people on this site.
  15. alexleo

    alexleo Member

  16. Dark Rogue

    Dark Rogue Well-Known Member

    A necroed sticky? Is that possible? :p

    Anyway, good list. Didn't realize I could get another respirator for that cheap.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  17. cholo71796

    cholo71796 Jr Member

    Same! I was interested. But this is much more helpful!

    Totals out to 526.59 USD (I took the TOP price when he ranged them), without:<ul>[*]Paint[*]Electronics[*]Sandpaper[/list]
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  18. Crispy

    Crispy New Member

    I think it is a pretty good list, every thing seems to be covered.
  19. ka5p3r

    ka5p3r Well-Known Member

    Nice run down of this youll need.
  20. EMOD360

    EMOD360 Jr Member

    i personally think this is stickie worthy

    This might of been really long to read but very sticky worthy worthy

    good job man keep it up

    good job mate
  21. tazzy

    tazzy Jr Member

    About that motorcycle sheild. does it better to get that kind of sheild or we can get any kind? Or does it real have to be um HJC HJ-09 RST Replacement Shields X2?
  22. Ithica

    Ithica Well-Known Member

    Your suit is your suit so you can use whatever visor and whatever color you prefer.

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  23. knox

    knox New Member

    um... Walmart We dont have that down under...
  24. cmac110

    cmac110 Jr Member

    This is very helpful, it has a list of everything you need to get started, thanks for posting this it has been a big help.
  25. SpartanSRS

    SpartanSRS Member

    It's a nice list of the pricings of everything and what to get. But as most people will ask... Where will they get all this? Maybe you should include more locations for more of the items such as the under armor.

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