Completly noob needs some guidance


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Hi everyone!

First things first, Im a big fan of all of your work, I love all the pics you guys post on twitter and looks so fun and so cooll when you all meet, I just love it :3

I am a big halo fan and Id like to get into the cosplaying and since is one of the sagas which I love more Id really like to be starting with a halo costume, spartan costume indeed. But theres one problem, I am A COMPLETELY NOOB, I have never done any kind of cosplaying before, I have to say that i dont consider myself clumsy at all, but as I said, this is something that I have never done before.

So I have decided to come here, to ask you guys for help. Im not even sure if this is the right place to post this, so forgive me if It isnt. Im also pretty sure that there are lots of guides and info posted in the forum so if anyone can tell me where to start and what to read Ill be thankfull for that.

Thats all guys! Forgive me for my noobish inglish too since Im from Spain :_D. Thank you in advice!


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Hi, Maxinfamily! Your English is actually great, by the way.

Now, before you get in-depth with armor creation, you will need to decide what type of armor you would like to create, but there are 2 basic methods which are Foam armor and Pepakura armor. The most beginner-friendly method is foam, so I would strongly suggest that method. Nevertheless, Here on the 405th we have lots of great tutorials for newcomers and experienced builders alike.

Another consideration is what type of armor you would like to create for your first build, such as a Halo 4 Spartan IV, Halo Reach Spartan 3, etc. (believe me, once you create one suit, you'll be hooked :D)

Most armor construction tecniques will require a program called Pepakura designer. The Pepakura site has tutorials for using it.

So here's some links to some of the best 405th tutorials:
Foam Tutorial

Pepakura Tutorial (PDF download)

Bondo on Pepakura

Scaling armor

I hope this helps, and make sure to post a build thread when you start!
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Wow, thank you very much! I haven't checked them since I just woke up, but It looks like Its pretty much what I need. Ill read them.

Regarding the kind of armor... Its a classic buy I think Ill go for the Masters chiefs armor in halo 3 (Mark IV I believe It is). Ill use foam as you suggested and depending on the outcome I might consider to use the other technique later on.

Thank you again!


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These type of foam mats are the most readily available and commonly used. Also typically inexpensive. I do not know what retailers are located in Spain but, if you have any stores similar to WalMart or Home Depot, they can be found there. Other option is to buy online through Amazon. It can be a little more pricey that way. Another source could be Cosplay supply websites that sell EVA foam in sheets or if you are lucky in large rolls. Again it can get pricey that way.


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Hi everyone! First things first, Im a big fan of all of your work, I love all the pics you guys post on twitter and looks so fun and so cooll when you all meet, I just love it :3
Hey, then I'm doing -something- right! :D

I have one more question. Which foam should I use? I have found this page ( Products Page | Foam In Spain - Custom foam size cutting and shaping experts - Call us on 965 699 305 or 677 825 149 ) which sells lots of kind of foams in my country, but I dont know which is the one you all talk about. Is there any international retailer? It would be great!
To answer your question, it looks like they only sell cushion foams, not EVA foam. I know that there's at least one other seller in the UK, but I can't remember who they are for the life of me. :/


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You can usually find it on Amazon, and they do international. HERE is the product on the European site. There are rolls of foam, or sheets, like PaiganBoi said.

also, good choice on armor. Redheadwolf has a really good foam Chief build that you can check out, HERE
usually, seeing someone else's build helps plan your own build.

hope this helps!


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Thank you again guys! Ive always had this proyect in my mind and I hope that somewhere between this year and the next Ill finish It (Im trying to be realistic hahaha).

So yeah, as soon as I end planning It, Ill post It!