Ok, I am a computer geek in training.

I need help with MY computer though. Mt screen has been acting weird lately.

The color has been going into fades of green and yellow, and I have reset the setting and
I have checked the cables TO the screen.



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its probably dieing. if its new, then have it fixed under your warranty, if its old, then its probably dieing


Is it a Windows XP flat-screen? We got ours the same year, I'm typing on it now...

I get the Blue Screen Of Death sometimes, but mine's not dying.


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My screen is 5 years old but isnt dying, I'd say it's dell's poor screens, their products are cheap as heck, buy a new one.


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rid3r , window XP and the blue screen of death are all software/hardware based , not based on your screen.

It seems as if your monitor is dying , try getting a new one.



I dunno. Seems like it could be a problem with your graphics card. Is your computer getting enough ventilation, or have you cleaned it out lately. Your graphics card might be overheating. Happened to one my my friends old PC's. If that don't fix it, your card might be dying or, as the people above are saying, it could be an old monitor that is just dying.


tried checking the gamma of the screen? its like located in control panel somewhere in visual settings/ something of the like.
i was playing wolfenstein's enemy territory and it messed up my monitor badly, so i went and asked a friend to help out and he says to mess around with the gamma.
try it, maybe its not because of the monitor. i have an old school one, and its still working fine.

Primal Weyland

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Check the screen settings are normal (gamma, contrast, brightness, etc). If that doesn't work, make sure the unit's well-ventilated (even try getting a vacuum cleaner to the vents and cleaning it). After that... it's probably faulty. If it's under warranty, replace it. If not... get a new one.

But this *is* a Dell product. They're cheap, efficient... and prone to fault.


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Most screens have an auto button which will ajust it to normal settings and resolution to fit your PC settings. If that doesnt fix it, I would purchase a new LCD screen and hook it up to see what happens, I can say almost surley, your old dell screen is dying.


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One of my friends had the same problem with a monitor of his, check to see if the auto-adjust button is stuck. Thats what was wrong with his and it looks fine now....but it could be dieing...OH NOES!!