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If anybody knows how to edit the computer code on the games then try this.
Take the master cheif character and find the 3-D wireframe of him and the armor and post a copy of it on this topic this means you can look at any peice of the armor and see the dimensions as well as save the file to sen to certain companies to that will make profesional pieces that only tak about 3 hours max. that way it is "professional" plus i need to know each peices dang dimensions down to the holes

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You realize that if you make your armor to the true Master Chief dimensions then it would be too big... Unless however you're 7 feet tall...
That's semi-illegal, because we can't technically send things to companies for them to profit from it when we don't own the rights, much less them.

7 Foot tall thing is easily rectified, just get an 8 year old on your shoulders.
the compertur doesn't know 7ft it knows this many pixels so that means I or whoever uses this the can say that many pixels equals my hieght! plus once you find out you save the dimensions as another file that the company can't use except to read and then problem solved!
if it were me, i wouldn't use that method. first of all, like nomadic spoon said, its illegal. secondly, it would be pretty dang expensive to have them professionally made from computer images.
Some things to consider...

- Yup, it's illegal, and any "company" that you brought this to would probably, you know, look at what you wanted them to do, and refuse.

- You've obviously underestimated how expensive it is to print in 3D using nothing but a model. You might as well buy a full suit from someone.

- Even if you could pull off your idea, it would be a waste, considering the wireframe model has just as much detail as a plain pepakura set of armor. All the detail of the armor is in the texture that's wrapped over that model in-game.

- Just FYI, a 3D model isn't measured in pixels. At all.
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