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hey guys im from ohio and was wondering if any one knows bungies e-mail or adress. i want to know because for my 8th grade class we are having shadowing day and my mom says if i can get the ok from bungie, she will fly me to seattle washington( i thinks thats where they are). so if you could please find me the address or e-mail that would be great because i cant find it.


p.s. if you want just pm me
cant help u there seeing as i dont know it. but good look on trying to get the job shadowing. i'd most definitely like to be in ur shoes if u got it
yea i sent a bungie employee a friend request lets hope they accept(fingers crossed) and if i go ill keep a blog about it for updates.
Have you tried contacting 7th column? If not try contacting them and they could probably patch you through to bungie. Or you could go to, go to contacts, and contact the webmaster, he could probably answer any questions or give you the email of a bungie executive or something.

OH and by the way, whats a shadowing day?
well i sent the overlord a message saying this

Hello my name is James Conkle and I am 13 years old and from Ohio. I am writing you because I was directed to you for a question I had. For school we have shadowing day, where we go to a business and get a feel for what we want to do for a job. And i picked you guys at bungie. My mom will pay for the airfare and everything ,all we need is your permission to come. the date would be Wednesday, January 23, 2008. So if you could reply eater way so I know that you have received this message that would be great!

Thank you for your time,
James Conkle
it was a shot in the dark but oh well he said this
"I'm sorry, but we generally do not do studio tours except for very special charity events."
which i understand
I had the same thing to do, and I went to Ubisoft :p

So nice. That's bad they don't accept students there.

Maybe a secret project!?
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