Congrats Sean Bradley

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Congrats Sean.. for winning the masterchief costume contest.

Don't forget to email Kotaku for your Beta shirt award.
Thanks Deadguy, and thanks for sticking up for me in the voting thread! For a while there people were getting a bit overcritical, and questioning whether the costume was real or a CG rendering.

I've been trying to get a response out of Kotaku all day about the T-Shirt, but they've been awful unresponsive. Also can't seem to get access to comment on what the misinformed people are saying about me. :duh:

Also the rest of the commentary about the contest is in this thread:
lol that skinny girl stuff was killing me!

It was my pleasure Sean, glad I could help.. it was cool to see you in there. I was going to enter mine, but the only pic I have of my suit (which is missing a vest now) is that cheesy one from Halloween. Officially I didn't make every part of it too, which means it wouldn't have been eligible.

I'll be honest though.. when I saw you'd entered, I had a feeling they'd disqualify you due to the quality of your suit. If you hadn't won, I was gonna' buy you the shirt myself from the Bungie store, and made a stink about it :)

btw- I always spread the word about (and it's prominent members..). When folks ask about armor, I send 'em here (I get that a lot because of my old steeldreams affiliation) just 'cuz I can't get here much doesn't mean I ain't thinkin' about ya'll.

I miss bein' here.

Something to point out though.. Ya'll need to take every halo-related opportunity to promote this site.. Like now, Sean.. good time to graciously win (using the email address posted on their site) and point out that there are tutorials on how to build a masterchief costume right here.


In fact.. If some of the suppliers here can work together and get like a contest going, like an artwork submission, or something, with the winner getting a uhh.. I dunno'.. a halo helmet, or a weapon or something as the reward, I think HBO would send you guys some more love, and it'd help get folks in here. It promotes the site, the cause, and the suppliers.. win, win, win situation..

discuss.. ;)

Oh.. and any chance for getting access to the tutorial stuff? I'm not here often, but I'd sure love to get in there.

It's great to see you around again, if only briefly. We'd sure like to have you around more, but I know how free time is short for the workin' man.

If you hadn't won, I was gonna' buy you the shirt myself from the Bungie store, and made a stink about it :)

That a nice gesture, thanks., I'm kinda thinking about doing that for contestant #4, although he was commenting during the voting which totally shouldn't have happened... he did a great job. I want to personally invite him over here and try to arrange some sort of consolation prize. I can't believe that the post-it note guy beat him....

I like your ideas about promoting the site. I certainly try to do that whenever I can. I think we should hold some contests and get the word out to the whole Halo community. I think Louis over at HBO would be willing to post some more stories about our site in general if we had more of this kind of stuff going on.

Hmmm. I'll have to see what I can come up with, maybe a contest for a helmet kit or something like that. Any other suppliers game to do something like this... maybe ramping up to the release of Halo 3? I know Adam had expressed wanting to promote the site a little more too.

Ideas anyone?
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Go Sean!I think we should get contestant four on here, we could help him improve his (already) pretty good armor.
hmm i would to if i got beat by a retarded post-it note costume pffft, well get him on here and buy him a shirt.
Congratulations, Sean. I have only been here a little bit, but your armor is really good, even to my inexperienced eye.
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