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Conventions and Prop Parties Stuck Thread Index

Discussion in 'Conventions and Prop Parties' started by Ruze789, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Ruze789

    Ruze789 Well-Known Member

    (updated 07-21-2014)

    Dear 405th Forum Members,

    The following links are to threads that were formerly Stuck at the top of the forum. These are topics that may answer important questions you have, or may just contain important info related to the 405th’s Conventions & Prop Parties Discussion.

    New threads may be added to this Sticky Index, so check back often.

    If you have a thread you feel should be considered for addition to the Sticky Index, please click the Report Post button underneath this post, then enter your suggestion in the Message box.
    This will bring it to the attention of the staff, and we will take your suggestion into consideration.

    Please remember that not all threads suggested may be added to the Sticky Index, and threads will be added at the Staff's discretion.

    Thank you,
    The 405th.com Forum

    San Diego, CA Comic-Con 2014
    San Diego ComicCon (July 2014), by Trooper0621

    Pittsburgh, PA HaloFanForLife LAN Event Seeking Spartans
    HaloFanForLife LAN Event (August 2014), by Trooper0621

    DragonCon Parade 2014
    DragonCon Parade (August 2014), by Blackblood

    Canadian Regiment Roll Call
    Canadian Regiment Roll Call, by LastSpartan

    DragonCon 2012 Let's Get The Ball Rolling
    DragonCon (2012), by Hyokenseisou

    PAX Prime 2012 Who is Going This Year?
    PAX Prime (2012), by Lawacr

    PAX Halofest 2011 PHOTO Thread
    PAX Halofest Photo Thread (2011), by Adam

    DragonCon 2011 Photo Thread
    DragonCon (2011) Photo Thread, by Cadet

    Rules of Engagement at any Con or Event!
    General Convention/ Event Behavior Guidelines, by docbytes
  2. Haunt224

    Haunt224 New Member

    I live in Omaha, Nebraska and we have a small convention called CONgregation. It is April 22 - 24, 2016 and this year it will feature my fiance and my wedding. Our theme is Halo: Red vs. Blue. We will be in Halo Spartan Armor.I wanted to let everyone know about this event and our wedding.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Facebook Wdding Announcement.png Our Wedding Announcement
  3. Dirtdives


    Congratulations!!!! May God bless you and keep you under his glorious protection. And may you soon hear the stomping of little HALO armored boots in your home.
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  4. KaulinD

    KaulinD New Member

    I am going to be at FandomFest in Louisville Kentucky on July 29-31. If anyone else is going message me and we could meet.

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