Copperhead-class Mjolnir armor - EVA foam project


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I'm fridgeghost and this is where my journey of building a Halo spartan armor begins.
If you want to know more about me, check out the link to my introduction post.

Let's talk crafting. Like I said in the headline, I want to make the Copperhead-class Mjolnir armor like it is worn by Olympia Vale in Halo Guardians. I picked this specific armor because it differs so much from the other suits, wich are pretty similar in design if you break them down, except for Locke's armor maybe.


Like for many others in this part of the forum, this build will be my first attempt to make a suit of armor and helmet from craft foam. I've been doing my research well for the last couple of months and I'm finally feeling confident enough to start the project.

I'll update this thread as I make progress and I'm looking forward to your opinions about my work.
Thanks for having me on the 405th.
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A few days ago I started to make a test helmet from a pepakura file I found online. Since this was my first time working with pepakura, I didn't change anything about the model. My main intention was to get a feeling for the shape and the size of the piece and try out this new method of crafting. It was very funny and quite instructive to make mistakes like not knowing that the fold lines actually tell you wich way to fold and so on.
In the end it turned out to big, but since I made it from regular printing paper I didn't sweat it.


I'm quiet happy with what I've learned so far and pepakura models make a nice template for complex shapes like this helmet.
Since this one was a size to big for me I scaled the model down 10% and I've already building it with a stronger paper. This time I'll just make half of the Helmet to save me time, paper, glue and to have a better view on the interior for padding, fans and other nice things. (fun fact, the box right next to the edge of the visor is supposed to stick inwards)
Nice weekend to all of you and happy crafting.


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Greetings and welcome to the 405th.
Even though it's a test helmet and made of regular old print paper, it turned out great.
The next bucket you build might I suggest you use 110 pound cardstock. It's thicker and supports itself much better.
Since you did mention that your suit and helmet will be foam, make sure to take into account the thickness of the foam you are using when scaling your parts. With paper it might be perfect but with 10mm foam it might end up being smaller than you want.
Good luck and have fun with your build.


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Hey fridgeghost welcome to the 405th...... well despite it being a test piece, you did a pretty good job of it. I have done the same exact a test to learn what goes where and how each piece fits where it so posed to fit and so on.....It is a very tactile way of building....I can't do the same off a computer screen.

Now just as PaiganBoi says, you need to size a bit bigger when converting a pep to foam.....Some people will do a peped helmet and foam for the rest of the armor.


When working with pep something to kinda keep in your back pocket is if you go by width depth and height add a millimeter/inch or so to allow room for padding fans and allow for shrinkage when you fiberglass and resin, I would also add supports to the inside to help prevent warping, I have those happen to me. The helmet looks really good!

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I found out that paper with 110 grams/m2 or 160grams/m2 is tge best to work with. After scoring the lines the folds are nice and crisp. And the whole construction is a bit stronger


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Thank's so much you guys. I really appreciate your advice on pepakura, resin and stuff. But like I mentioned a few times, this is a all foam build. The only reason I've made the pep helmets is for size reference, since I never made a helmet and let alone a complex one like that.

Hi fridgeghost! You can find additional reference here Halo 5 Copperhead Build. I've posted some renders of the front and back of Vale's under suit for Fangs a while back. Hope those can be of use for you.:) Looking forward to see what you'll bring to the table, since I've yet to see a good Vale build.
I've already found the pictures of the undersuit and I find them quiet usefull. You're so right, there are hardly any Vale Cosplays out there, and I wanted to create something challenging. I would say every build is good as long as the builder puts heart and soul into it.
I'll post some actual foam progress as soon as I finished the templates wich I'm making right now. Got slightly delayed due to a Bloodborne obsession.