Cortana, or MC custom sound effects device for armor

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Perhaps this can be used to make easy sound effects at the push of a button.

the gameDR Smack Talk lets you prerecord five audio clips that can be dished out as you play multiplayer games. Sample MP3s, CDs, DVDs, PCs or even your own voice using the Xbox 360 headset microphone. Talkin' smack is one of the best parts of gaming, and now you can do it with push-button ease.

Just run it through some speakers and you have yourself sound bites at the press of a button? Someone can try it. 8)
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Thats cool, good eye, Adam. I think I'll add that to my audio system too.

Don't forget to post this in the 'Off the Shelf secrets" thread.

It's amazing what you can find when you aren't really looking for it!
I think that particular one would require you to jack it through your 360 headphones.. I've never looked at the 360 headset plug, but it's got two positives and a ground, doesn't it? One positive for the headphone, one for the microphone.

Presumably you jack into this device, and it then Jacks into your 360 controller.. so you'd have to wire the Input to only use the ground and the Microphone system, and on the output you'd have to cut-off the Headphone line.

The next question in how much juice will this take/allow/require to run with a speaker system? I don't have a clue about this sorta' thing.

Is there an Electrician in the house with electronic knowledge and a willingness to put it all in laymen terms for us?
# 1/8" to 1/8" patch cord included.
# 3 "AAA" batteries required (not included).

the patch cord allows you to hook it up to any device. what you would normally hear through headphones, is then recorded.

EDIT: what i'm guessing is that the part that hooks up to the controller is just to hold it in a prime location, nothing else.
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Ok, to rephrase it a bit more clearly....
Headset--> Recorder/Player --> Patch Cord --> Controller --> Xbox

The Headset has 3 wires going into it:
#1 postive Microphone
#2 positive Headphone
#3 Common Return.

The controller, in our case, is replaced by our amplifier (speaker driver) which is connected directly to the speaker(s).

The amplifier must therefore receive the Positive Microphone and the Common return. It can safely ignore the Positive Headphone because you don't need to listen to the device through the headphone.

The patchcord includes a headphone line which means it's a 3 wire patch. The amplifier needs to either be able to use a 3 wire plug that's NOT Left, Right and ground, or it needs a new plug/adapter to get the 3-wire down to two wires.

If it combines the wrong two wires, the system won't work. It can combine the headphone and ground wires, but not the Microphone and ground wires.

That's Issue #1...

Issue #2 is easier to describe:

To avoid early burnout or unnecessary distortion, you need to get the voltage/amperage output on the patch cable to a certain level as required by your amplifier/speaker system, AND thee return back into the recorder to power the microphone for throughput.

The level has to match what the controller normally does, or you risk burning the recorder/player, but it also has to cater to the imput needs on the amplifier

Or is all of that standardized now?
i wouldn't think would be a problem. but yes, you need to keep your wires straight or it won't work.

looking back, my earlier post is a bit confusing.

As I understand it:
to record
[smack talk]-----patchcord--------[headphone jack of whatever is being recorded]*

to play back
[smack talk]-----patchcord--------[speakers]

this can be a dvd player, computer, mp3 player, anything you plug headphones in to listen to.
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