CORY045 here is the info you wanted


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so first off you need to download the pepakura software to your computer go to google and type in PEPAKURA DESIGNER and hit search click on what should be the first link sayinf PEPAKURA DESIGNER it will take you to the site to down load it. go down to where it says GET PEPAKURA DESIGNER 3 and click it. Then click the PEPAKURA DESIGNER link again to download it its free so no worries about money. your next step will be to find the files to create your helmet/armor you want so what you need to do is go back to GOOGLE and search for PEPAKURA HALO after searching click what should be the first link again saying PEPAKURA FILE INDEX-HALO COSTUMING WIKI. click the link and it will take you where you need to get basicly any helmet/armor you want then simply download the files you want and open them in pepakura designer and you can start making your own stuff. But keep in mind that the scale that is preset probubly will not be the correct size for you. Also dont make the mistake of useing regulare paper you will want yo get some 110lb cardstock paper its not expensive only like 5-8US dollars for 150 pages and i got mine at walmartthen simply get the correct scale by mesuring your body parts in inches and converting them into mm and that should get you started. Remember if you rush this process you wont get the best results good luck to you and if you have any other questions please hit me up..