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Cosplay Melee

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Talk' started by Dirtdives, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Dirtdives


    Hey guys, has anyone caught this show on SYFY Channel? COSPLAY MELEE.

    A full cosplay build in 3 days.......kind of like Chopped on the cooking Channel: 4 contestants competing for $10K and the MC, Yvette Nicole Brown, tells them the build parameters. The first episode was "Space Opera" and the contestants have to pick a movie genre to base it on. After first challenge (1 day, 8hr build), 1 person is eliminated, and the last challenge is the full build. These people built full finished helmets in a single day!!!! Well 3 out of 4. One built a head piece based off of a Necromonger from The Chronicles of Riddick and it was very good but it was unfinished and she was eliminated. The others were based on Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star Wars. Very cool builds and something really to be proud to have built.

    Now my issue w/ the show is this: First they said the genre was "Space Opera"........in no way shape or form did this indicate Opera.....Like, watching a Gif clip on line and pretending it was a full movie......popcorn and soda included, with the gum stuck to the bottom of your sneaker. Second, 2 of the judges I feel were not even qualified to critique the builds let alone offer insights on how to build. Granted one was a cosplay model....Leeanna Vamp, but is that enough? I don't know. I might just be talking out of my backside but she made some comments that made me think.....HUH? Why? Any way, they also had Christian Beckman, a well know and established film and media costume creator/builder (Tron Legacy, Star Trek). His opinion and thoughts were spot on!! Not even getting in to Yvette........Any way......the challenge to my mind was just a matter of speed and details of a finished product. I didn't feel that any of them even came close to "Opera". Maybe one did w/ a partial facial coverage like the Phantom of the Opera......but that was it. (Edit: I have since learned that "Opera" refers to and "Epic", multi-movie type genre, so everyone pretty much nailed it, though it would be funny to see La Boheme or Carmen characters all dressed up in HALO or Stormtrooper costumes and then preform....... )

    The footage of them building was cool. I wish there was more of that. I got to watch warbela (not sure of the spelling) being used for the first time. And to watch building techniques I currently use....it was also cool (Pointing a finger at the TV and saying "I do that"). It was a good show but I can't see them tossing out $10k every week for too long before getting canceled.

    If anyone has seen it, I want to know what others thought about it (Insert: Family Guy Han Solo Radio Gif here....which I could not find). Tell me what you think........If you haven't seen it.....go watch it and then come back an tell me what you think.......Ha......Cosplay Homework!!!

    Next episode is based off of "Game of Thrones". Dam.....I'm 1 season behind in viewing.....There goes my weekend....Binge watching here I come!!!
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2017
  2. mblackwell1002


    It's called Worbla, ya noob! ;) (teasing)
    screw up.gif
    How dare you give us homework!!! you....cosplay fiend! :D
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  3. vivalablake89


    I just call it Plastic MDF :D a very expensive version... Damn those innovative Germans at it again :whistle:
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  4. Dirtdives


    Noob........accepted. What is it actually used for any way?.....aside for cosplay that is.......
  5. PaiganBoi


    I have only seen it used for cosplay. Never have I ever seen any other applications for worbla. Here's some more homework for people.
    Find out what other applications Worbla can be used for.
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  6. Dirtdives


    Done!!!! From the Worbla FAQ home page itself:

    What is Worbla?
    Worbla is the brand name for a line of easy to use thermoplastics popular in costuming, crafting and theatre.
    Worbla’s Finest Art was the first product, and if someone mentions just “Worbla” on its own, they usually mean Finest Art. Finest Art is a brown, opaque thermoplastic made from renewable natural raw materials, with an inherent adhesive and zero waste.
    Worbla’s TranspArt is a transparent thermoplastic with incredible flexibility and resiliency that is chemically stable (not damaged by solvents).
    Worbla’s Black Art is made entirely from plastics, and was created to give a smoother finished surface and greater fine detail in sculpting than Finest Art.

    Check it out HERE
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  7. MepeS11


    I think I need to start watching this
  8. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Worbla was originally used in shoes for soles and support structures and then came into the cosplay scene. At least the Finest Art was that path, TraspArt, Black Worbla and Mesh Worbla are all relatively new on the market and have their own pros and cons.

    Dirtdives the Space Opera is basically just a blanket term for a sci-fi epic about adventuring (Star Trek, Firefly) and big space laser battles (Star Wars, Guardians) so they pretty much all nailed the theme in my opinion.

    From watching the first two episodes I both love it and hate it. It's a case of "HOLY CRAP THEY DID THAT IN 24 HOURS OF BUILDING?!" and "Dear god, I know you only have a short amount of time to build, but don't do it that way...". I know the costumes only really need to hold up for maybe a half hour for their runway and some other photos but nothing I've seen on the show screams of being built to last and surfacing and painting practices make me want to curl up in a corner and cry for a bit.
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  9. Jason 078

    Jason 078

    I'm watching it just got little tips and tricks they are using. I'm actually liking what I'm seeing so far, though.
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