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ok first lets get something straight right of the bat, I have never built a costume of any kind before well except from when I was in the army Cadet Force and they gave me some MTP gear I made look good ;).

anyways without getting too side-tracked let me talk about my project I am about to undertake, Halo 3 era ODST Cosplay because come on why do a Spartan IV there just ODST dropouts.......... and there's me starting a war on my second ever post :lol:. my cosplay will be loosly based on rookie however i am not doing a cosplay as him instead wanting to create my own ODST trying to keep as lore friendly as possible however i may take a few "creative" liberties but just means i can class my endless browsing of halo lore as "research".
As for the construction i have not yet started merely planning what id need and how i should approach it so please if any more experienced guys see this i need that advice especially for 3D printing which i have never done before but got bored and bought one as you do and have no clue how to use it. Which leads me to the next point, i will be constructing this from a mixture of 3D printing and foam looking at making the weapons from printing potentially a few other accessories too and maaaaaybe the helmet but i might also foam make that I'm undecided atm. also who ever made the automatic ODST visor from here please spill the beans loos awesome and would love to learn your voodoo.

but hey that's it for now chaps and chapets sorry there's no pictures of the build or any other mouth watering things in this first post but im still planning but ill deffo keep this thread alive and keep updating it and idk how the 405th works but would love to get involved with you guys and for anyone curious im from London so viva la 405th Europe. see you all soo hopefully.


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Congrats on taking the first step of starting a build! Always fun to see more Troopers joining the party.

I'd say 3d printed helmet, weapons, and perhaps accessories with the rest of the suit foam would be a good combination, but it's your suit, so do what works for you. If you have any specific questions about 3d printing, there are plenty of us that print who are more than happy to answer them. Same goes for foam and the foamsmiths in the group.

For a visor, there are options to buy or make a vacuum formed one. Buying would be keep in mind that it's very likely to not fit your helmet since it would likely be made for one that the seller makes/sells. Vacuum forming yourself depends on if you have the budget and desire to do that yourself. A more beginner friendly option could be to buy a visor material such as the one sold by Icon Props. Scale up the pepakura templates, trace and cut out of the visor material, and glue together. he4thbar's ODST build used this method to great success.

Rock Lobbster, you have been summoned about your flip visor.


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thank dude really feel the community here and on discord love it and tbf i agree with 3d printing the helmet was just wondering whether to challenge myself with foam and also have no idea how to get sizing right on the printer but armour will 100% be foam.
for the visor i was tempted to make a homemade vacuum former as they seem really easy and could generally be a handy tool to make and thanks for poking rock lobster hopefully sat/sunday ill have the start of something to show


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Another trooper! Haha. Take that Spartans! Anyways....glad to see you took time and know what you want. But just because it looks intimidating doesn’t mean anything. You are looking into everything and if you need anything ask anyone that has built an odst and we’ll jump right it.


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Welcome to the ODST ranks my friend! I'd say they are probably the most comfortable aside from the Marine of starter suits to do. They also offer a variety of customization. Its also perfecting timing with the official reference book released on Rookie!

CrimsonViper97 has revised and provided great files for Itty bits of the suit, such as the thigh buckles and hinges. He is great to talk to about small scale prints. RandomRanger is also a fantastic contact as he is not only our Model Library Guru, but what he has achieved on the technology side of suits is very inspiring.

I can't wait to see you start working on your suit! Feel free to drop questions and feed us with those photos as soon as you can!


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thanks all been having great time looking at everyone work and reading posts but i will post a update all be it small one by next weekend want to get at least 1 print finished before i do :lol: oh the wonderful world of 3d printing


Welcome and good luck. I’m in the Medway and tend to go to MCM con at Excel in London. In future look out for the jet black Spartan there. Any questions with foam, I will try to help.