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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Chiefmartin650, Jun 20, 2018.

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    Hello, i hope im posting in the right place. So im looking for anyone that could help me out and set me in the right direction. I am looking to volunteer as a cosplayer for children's hospitals or other organizations. I wanted to start after i heard from a friend who's kid was in the hospital and was surprised by a Transformer cosplayer. it has caught my interest to help and bring a smile to kids faces. I am located in California, SoCal, thank you for reading and have a great day!
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    Hey, Chiefmartin650! First off, welcome to the 405th. :) Second, glad to see that you want to help bring smiles to people's faces, especially those that are in pain and the like. I know that some of us in the Colonial Regiment have been wanting to do something like this for quite a while now. From the information and research we've looked into, it seems like one of the best ways to get to do something like you're proposing is to either know a kid who is already in the hospital and make the request to their parents, join/find an organized event that the hospital is already having, or talk with the hospital staff themselves to organize something.

    Fair warning, presuming everything goes well, no matter what you will be unable to carry props that look anything like a weapon. I'd presume something like a plasma grenade would be OK, but anything that looks vaguely like a weapon would likely be right out.
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    I'm not too sure you'll get a positive response from all hospitals with the fact that Halo costumes usually include prop firearms which can be a touchy subject since you never know with patients and trauma survivors.

    EVAkura, PerniciousDuke and HitboxWorkshop as your Regiment Command will be your best bet for a lead on an opportunity to help out in the community and who knows, I could be wrong about the helping out in hospitals thing. The climate here in Canada would make it a special invite only type thing for specific kiddos but in the states, everyone likes guns right?
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    It is great to hear that you want to help use your Costume to give back to your community. One of my biggest goals as a member of the 405th's leadership team is to see us get out there and do more types of events beyond just Conventions. On my area, for example, we have been working with a Minor League baseball team to make an appearance for their "Video Game Night" for the past several years.

    I would encourage you to get familiar with your local Regiment, the Pacific Regiment, and get active with them. Engage with your local command staff and members, and we will do everything we can to help provide you with opportunities to wear your gear.

    Now, Hospital visits are a tricky business, and every hospital has different requirements. For example, I am also a member of the 501st. The 501st is well known for working with Children's Hospitals. However, in my home 501st Garrison, it took us years and years to actually convince a member of the Hospital staff to let us in. And after that we did several before the volunteer coordinator we worked with retired, and we had to start the whole process over again with her replacement who came in skeptical of allowing us in. But in another part of the the state they never had a single issue, and in another city the Hospital was welcoming, but had a lot of rules on the type of costume, the materials the costume could be made of, the number of people who could come, and asked for background checks on those attending.

    One hospital only allowed us to visit a specific patient, another placed is in the Front Lobby and had the kids come to us, another did the same thing with the activity room and the cafeteria, and one let our members "roam." Some said no Blasters for the Star Wars characters. And some even said no Lightsabers.

    Additionally, some groups like Super Heores, Star Wars characters, or even Transformers have an easier time getting into Children's Hospitals than we might, as those are perceived as more child friendly franchises and we are based on a Rated M For Mature game series, no matter what the amount of 12 year olds insulting my mother on Xbox Live demonstrate. As such, some Hospitals and other charitable organizations might hesitate to work with us at first, since we are associated with a "Rated R" franchise as it were.

    I do think we can make it happen though. As mentioned, a good in road is knowing a patient already in the Hospital. If the family of a patient works with the staff to request a visit for their child, that is a big in. Another avenue might be getting in touch with a video game focused charity group like Child's Play, and seeing if we can work with them.
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    Thank you all for the feed back and info, ill try my best to do what i can and what i can do for others.

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